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He left for a package of Skittles ... We Are Trayvon Martin

If you haven’t heard about Trayvon Martin, then you are probably living under a rock and or studying abroad. I first heard about the case from one of my favorite poet’s tumblr. 993 more words

80,000 Signatures for Kim Kardashian Boycott.

As evidenced in Rob Delaney‘s hilarious and accurate article in Vibe Magazine on his reasons behind wishing to sue Kim Kardashian, people aren’t really too happy about being strung along on her million-making ride, marrying and divorcing on a whim (for publicity , he argues.) 81 more words


WeThePeople Foundation Files Capstone Petition for Redress

The following is drawn directly from the “WeThePeople Foundation” website. I provide here only a few of the many salient paragraphs, so I encourage all concerned citizens to read… 2,330 more words

Constitutional Violations