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Pear Valley - The Spicy Side of Paso Robles

The Drier Side of Paso Robles’ Bottles of Wine

The winemaker at Pear Valley Winery must be a big fan of peppery wine, and his bottles of wine showcase the peppery dry side of… 654 more words

The Pleasures Of Tasting Wine

Sirah vs Syrah vs Shiraz vs Sera

Syrah, Petite Sirah, Shiraz . . . they’re all the same, right? Not quite. While all of these grapes produce big, bold, spicy red wines, one of these things (varietals) is not like the others. 220 more words

Fun Wine Facts

Election Night - The Red Daily Slosh

Municipal elections are taking place in Ontario this upcoming week and I thought that this video sums up the coverage that we’re likely to get. If I lived in Toronto, I’d know who the Silly Party candidate is. 1,120 more words


A Woodinville Bottle of Wine From Washington State

How A Washington Bottle of Wine Compares to California Wine-

Compare and contrast the difference between a good bottle of wine from California versus Washington State. 914 more words

The Pleasures Of Tasting Wine