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What I Want Wednesday (May 4)

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Here are a few things that I like this week.

Top Shop Petite Crochet Mini Sundress

Crop tops are all over the place, and I have always liked them, but I don’t know if I am comfortable, at my age, going around the suburbs wearing a crop top.   319 more words

Petite Fashion

The Designer of "Moy Petite"

My mom is a great designer. She has an eye for detail in fashion and is pretty creative with fabrics. She doesn’t really buy clothes, unless they’re jackets or cardigans. 227 more words


Petite Fashion Friday (April 29)

This week was spent trying to recover from being sick, which puts a damper on getting dressed.  Add to that the challenge of getting dressed when the weather simply cannot make up its mind!   545 more words

Petite Fashion

How To Wear Dungarees: Three styles — Style for Smile

Hello dear people! Today’s post is about how to wear dungarees in three completely different outfits. Again, I made those in Polyvore, not like my dear mother thinks I downloaded them online because they look too professional!😀 Anyhow, I’m not fully responsible for “the professional touch”, as the site itself is designed pretty good.

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Petite Fashion Friday (April 22)

Only a few favorite outfits for this week to show you because I’ve been sick with a bad cold and pink eye. Gross. I’m recuperating in bed as I type. 559 more words

Petite Fashion

What I Want Wednesday (April 20)

Happy Wednesday!  Although I am not having the happiest of Wednesdays myself, as I am sick as a dog.  My almost 2 year old has been fighting a really bad cold for several days and all of his sneezing into my face and wiping his bright green boogies all over the place (sorry for the imagery) has resulted in my contracting pink eye and a cold.   590 more words

Dressing Petites

Tips For Petite Fashion Lovers.

As I myself is  petite, I thought why not make a blog post of some tips that have helped me and my short legs. Fashion itself has developed over the years, yet us petite girls/women are still struggling when it comes to finding something to wear. 535 more words