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Base Oil, Its Classification & Advatanges

Base Oil is the name given to lubrication grade oils initially produced from refining crude oil (mineral base oil) or through chemical synthesis (synthetic base oil). 570 more words

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Methanol and its Uses.

Methanol is used to manufacture many consumer and industrial products and is an alternative fuel source. Tiba petrochemical is one of the leading Petrochemical company in Dubai, Uae… 449 more words

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Polymers Its Types and Uses.

A polymer is a large molecule which is held together by a number of repeating structural units obtained through the process of polymerization. In recent years, polymers have gained an increased presence in the chemical industry with their highly defined properties and uses. 337 more words

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What is Fuel Oil.

Fuel oil is a lighter type of oil, or a liquid byproduct of crude oil, which is used for energy, especially for heating. When petroleum is refined, there are two main categories under which it is classified: distillate oils, including diesel, and residual oils, which include things like kerosene. 422 more words

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What is Gasoline?

Gasoline, also spelled gasolene, also called gas or petrol, mixture of volatile, flammable liquid hydrocarbons derived from petroleum and used as fuel for internal-combustion engines. It is also used as a solvent for oils and fats. 379 more words

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Petroleum, Crude Oil or Oil and Gas

There are somethings  you should know about petroleum, crude oil or oil and gas.

The terms petroleum, crude oil or oil and gas  are synonymous and so they  are used interchangeably. 446 more words

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