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19/1/1918 Lenin shuts down the Constituent Assembly #1918Live

In November Russians elected members of a parliamentary assembly tasked with drawing up a constitution for the vast country. Lenin and the Bolsheviks hoped that the vote would legitimise their… 195 more words

Politics & Diplomacy

January 18, 1918

British line in Palestine near Durah, 12 miles north of Jerusalem, advanced on a four-mile front. Constituent Assembly meets in Petrograd; amidst scenes of disorder it refuses to submit to Bolshevist dictation; processions celebrating its opening shot at in streets by Red Guard.

Great Britain

An Offer You Can't Refuse

“Hot coffee that will warm you up a hearty meal >>> . <<< Cold cruel world.” Photograph by Ruta Freiberg, with a big thank-you to her for letting me reprint it here. 26 more words


Dmitry Kalugin: Is That a Human Being?

Dmitry Kalugin
January 1, 2018

Yesterday, for the first time in many years, I listened to the leader. I listened and thought, “Is that a human being?” In other news, it has snowed. 93 more words


Andrey Kalikh: It's Good to Live in the Country

One view of the Russian countryside

Andrey Kalikh
December 31, 2017

Four and half years ago, we got the hell out of the city and settled in the country. 319 more words


Dmitry Kalugin: Bruce Willis vs. Brad Pitt

“Bruce Willis. A loan in ten minutes. Trust Bank.” Mayakovsky Street, Petersburg, April 22, 2012. Trust Bank’s managers and employees were charged with fraud in April 2015. 255 more words


Four Last Addresses

“Here lived Rudolf Rudolfovich Furman, purchasing agent. Born 1906. Arrested 11 February 1942. Died in prison 16 March 1942. Rehabilitated 1989.” The Last Address website… 329 more words