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Improve Respiratory Congestion with this Recipe for All-Natural Beeswax Chest Rub

If you happen to be a bit congested, and would like to make a rub that doesn’t contain petrolatum, this beeswax based one from the book  374 more words


Ideal Moisturizers for Rosacea: Drugstore vs. Department Store

Whether drugstore, department store or other moisturizers are more effective for rosacea is a perennial patient concern.

There are effective moisturising products to be found everywhere, however I believe the cosmetic finish and overall performance of more expensive products has typically been superior. 204 more words

Think Dirty and Get Clean!

This post is more about information than anything, but is also about my journey to better health. Funny, as I thought I was very healthy before my cancer diagnosis – but clearly there is always room for improvement! 522 more words

Do you read cosmetics label? What does INCI mean?

Why are simple things made so complicated? What does INCI mean?

My friends call me the ‘freaky label reader‘! They might be right as every time I am on the way to buy something, I have to check the label to see what is in it :-D… 317 more words

Conventional Cosmetics

Tip #5

A quarter way through and tip #5 is ‘say no to petrolatum and mineral oil’ in your hair moisturizers. These are some ‘nay’ ingredients to look for when you are looking for a good store bought moisturizer. 101 more words

My Natural Hair, My Natural Care

Should I use Mineral Oil? by Traci Drury

If you like to use products with natural ingredients you may already be familiar with the reasons to steer clear of mineral oil. I’m including a link to an interesting article that points out the reasons not to use it. 22 more words