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A puppy on the way

There is a dog on the way. We have been pet free for almost a decade and have enjoyed it immensely, but it is just not the same. 602 more words


San Angelo, TX

Help! My city is trying to get funds for a dog park! This would be great to have added here in San Angelo. All you have to do it click on this link ——>  37 more words

Dog Park


Racket had gotten out of his cage. Nothing unusual about that, except that usually when I let him loose, I’d make sure to put away anything I cared about to avoid having Racket destroy it. 584 more words


Not So Silent

Two weeks ago today, my beloved dog Asia accidentally killed our new kitten. They had loved each other at first sight so I wasn’t as vigilant as I should have been while Asia was eating. 325 more words


Chased by an angry bull elk

What is it with me and animals around here in the early morning? And this after narrowly missing coming across a grizzly bear on a trail (another runner hollered at me to not go any further down a path). Yeesh.


About Houdini.....

“Oh my goodness!” Jabber said, “Does she even know how to read at her age?”

Yes.  Of course she knows how to read.

Oh, alright.  She doesn’t really.   615 more words