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Ask Mary December 2016

Did you miss any of Mary’s tips in the month of December? No worry we have them here for you to find easily!

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This Present Moment

Sometimes the notion of my existence in this present moment is almost more than my mind can manage. To be and to know that I am—and that I am now, but was not anything at all once—is a mental acrobatic feat I cannot attempt too often without straining something. 460 more words

Everyday Life

Paging Dexter Morgan

I’m in need of some plastic like the stuff Dexter Morgan uses for his kill rooms. I came out to the living room to spend some break time with Inigo and nearly gagged on noxious fumes that smelled like a combination of furniture varnish, nail polish remover, and turpentine coming in through the one-inch gap under my front door.  741 more words


Happy Birthday Girls!

Happy Birthday girls!

Annabelle is 4 today

Little Gigi, 3

 Bellebelle’s is for sure – Gigi’s is guessed, as often happens in rescue!

In DoG We Trust


Why do you hate to clean up after the dog?

Yesterday, I asked you to participate in a poll I posted on Twitter earlier this week. The poll is open for a few more days but the results are showing 90% of people hate cleaning up after the dog. 97 more words