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the promise, the Moment, and mom's intervention

I didn’t think it was possible for our girl Gracie to actually stop my heart anymore.  After all, I’ve lived with her antics for almost five years now. 850 more words


Stinky Cat

I’m not at all sure why Lady Grey likes to cuddle with Redflare.

Of all the family members, Redflare is probably the least “cat person” of us. 69 more words


Introducing Pepe

I don’t care what the dog told you Pepe, I do not need a release to post pictures of you.  I’m not having this conversation again.

Out Of Service

What do you mean there’s no WiFi….


Gator Farm - Sand Dunes 2016

I mentioned in my other Sand Dunes post that we went to the Alligator Farm located about 15 minutes away.  The history of this place revolves around the hot springs that are present and capable of supporting this sort of gator-friendly environment.   354 more words