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I still haven’t figured out what possessed my son to bring a cat inside the house. Unlike his siblings, he has never once clamored or cajoled for a pet. 908 more words


Live at 9: Battling the opioid crisis, your pet's emotional needs & The Dantones

Memphis doctors battle the opioid crisis

Opioid abuse claims the lives of 120 Americans in the U.S. everyday, but some Memphis doctors are conducting research that could make a big difference. 269 more words


Sorry Folks, No More Emotional Support Goats on Alaska Airlines

If you’re planning to take a trip with your emotional support goat, salamander, or hedgehog on Alaska Airlines, you’re going to need to travel by May 1. 176 more words


gratitude: dealing with that distinctive scent

So I’m not gonna say we have stinky dogs…but they are dogs. Who smell. Like dogs.

But dogs who’ve spent time at the kennel? Well, they’re a special combination of staleness along with some unidentifiable scent that comes from living 24 hours a day with who knows how many other dogs. 62 more words

Gratitude Project

MACRO DUKE - Marilyn Armstrong

Ever taken pictures of your pets with a macro lens? Me neither.

But today I was sitting by the computer about to take the SD card out of the camera and stick it in the reader, when I realized Duke was nose-to-nose with me. 67 more words


Tongue Out Tuesday 🐶😛




Meg Scanlon


Adopting a third dog?

The other day I was jogging at a nearby greenway in Nashville. This particular stretch begins/ends near the Metro Animal Control office, so, as I’ve done before, I stopped in at the end of my run. 679 more words