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Hello May

Hello world and Happy May 1st

Our 16 year old cat wakes me up every morning at 7am with the loud song of her people – right outside my door til I either let her in or she manages to open it herself. 52 more words


What did it mean when she closed her eyes?

I adopted two fancy mice last week! I call them the Mousey-Sisters. I’m hoping to tame them into enjoying human affection, but I know that’s not always possible. 85 more words

Pet Collar

Fits a small dog or average cat. Fashion accessory, not for use with a leash. Pretty Spring colors!

My Crafts


Dogs have this crazy reputation for being over the top happy and I’m just not buying it.

Listen, first and foremost, I’m a dog guy.  To be more accurate though, I’m a third party dog guy.   194 more words


My brother-in-law requested this one in memory of his brother’s dog Tater.  He sent me a few pics and this was my favorite.  I didn’t know Tater, but I’ve spent a week with his face and I have a feeling he was a great dog. 7 more words