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I Just Want Her to be Happy

I took the kitty in to be spayed –
this is the bouncing-off-the-furniture cat
the climbing-the-windows cat
the gymnastical flipping cat
and the vet said she had… 167 more words

Christian Science

15 Years Later, Neopets Is Full Of Ads And Lets You Wear Poo

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I recently logged into my old Neopets account for the first time in over a decade. It required the recovery of my username, my password, my old email account and my old email account’s password. 2,330 more words


Two Small Dogs


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I Would Have 100 Dogs If I Fostered

In a perfect world we wouldn’t need shelters, rescue groups, and foster families; unfortunately we don’t live in that perfect world.  Dogs are abused, neglected, not vaccinated, and unaltered.   1,796 more words


Lots of food

I want to walk outside see ae
person and go up and slap them in
their lips with my right hand then
run away past them or I want to… 60 more words


Kombucha and Peppers

My work recently started selling kombucha, and so far, all the ones we’ve sold have been to me. I used to hate kombucha, then I only liked the tart, cranberry flavors, and now I’m happily chugging a can a day of any flavor I can get my hands on. 173 more words


A Losing Battle

Twice a day for twelve years, Smudge would diligently scratch my lounge or dining room rugs, and then roll over expecting me to pat his belly. 224 more words