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Random Acts of Kindness: Helping Pound Pets Inc

When we saw the story about Pound Pets Incorporated on our sister station, KMOX, we knew we had to do something! Someone broke in and took $1000! 84 more words


The White Dog

And then there was one.

A little over a year ago, we had three dogs: Archie, the ever-ready border collie; Hoops, the fluffy, grumpy big dog; and Roxy, the “white dog” who would would suffer blonde jokes if she was a human.   102 more words

Palm Beach County OKs tougher pet store rules

Palm Beach County commissioners Tuesday set new rules animal control managers say will help stanch the flow from so-called “puppy mills.”

The vote was 6-0; Priscilla Taylor had had to leave to attend a luncheon. 128 more words


No Sleep 'Til Rhinebeck

Have I used that title before? It’s apt, every year, I think. And not just for me. Every fiber crafter I know has something they want to complete before the festival each year. 227 more words

Gabe and Homer

I’ve been playing with that Prisma app on my Android phone, it isn’t much good on close-ups of food on a plate but when there are a couple of well defined objects in a photo it does some interesting things: 69 more words


Lipomas And Other Canine Lumps And Bumps -Treatment

My choice of treatment for fatty tumors is to first stop supplementing the toxins by avoiding those mentioned above. Next, you must help your dog to remove any existing toxins and aid his body in its detoxification and healing process. 84 more words

Pet chatz - What will they Think Of Next

This is actually so cool.  I mean some pets are locked in an apartment all day while the owner is at work so I think this is fantastic. 37 more words