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I'm pretty sure my Aspie superpower is inadvertently pissing off my partner

So yesterday, when we got up and were getting coffee and feeding the animals, my partner suggested that we could head out to a local park we like to go to, and stop on the way at the new breakfast restaurant we had been meaning to try while we were on vacation. 773 more words


Danny's World: I'm Torn On the Issue Of Pit Bulls

I saw a video on Facebook today about a guy in California who lost his dog to the city because it got loose and killed the neighbors cat in the cat’s yard. 155 more words


Summer & Winter

I got up early this morning to walk Ellie as we are in the midst of a heat wave with back-to-back days near or over 100˚, and it only cooled off to 70˚ overnight (and even then only for a short while), so I wanted to get her out before sun and temperature rose high. 183 more words


Dog Food for a Healthy Happy Pooch


My best friend and favourite little creature in the world is a small grey dog who I love far too much,

My girl has arthritis so I make her food each week to help her with her joints and provide her with a huge amount of vitamins and minerals while satisfying her taste buds to the best of my abilities; it’s also super simple to make and I feel really good giving it to her each day, 301 more words

Repeal and Replace and a Big Dose of Reality

I feel despondent.

Congress is determined to pass a bill that impacts health care availability.

My health care availability.

Oh, the impact to me won’t be so obvious. 509 more words


Success Measured In Dogs And Unusual Beasts

We have, for the past couple of years, instituted the ‘family email chain’ — especially when we’re away from home, traveling for work or for pleasure. 949 more words