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Meet My Boys

Kit a.k.a. “The Gentle Giant”

Kit is my sweet and lovable 5 year old mini panther who like the cowardly lion lacks courage.  During his first 48 hours in my home, (out of fear) he managed to wedge himself in a dresser (which I had to take apart to get him out) and the kitchen stove (somehow he managed to climb from in back of the broiler and come up and out by the burners).  162 more words

Cat Behavior

My Chinchillas; adopt vs shop and other tid bits.

Chinchilla’s, they’re small, they’re fluffy and they like to swear. What’s not to love? I’ve read a lot of chinchilla care information recently. Enough to decide that, yes almost ten years of chinchilla owning and I pretty much everything, unlike with the Degu’s who are new to me (but that’s a whole other blog post) 2,752 more words

We are moving and our (previously abandoned) cat can sense something is wrong - how to make her feel better? via /r/Pets

We are moving and our (previously abandoned) cat can sense something is wrong – how to make her feel better?

Last year, I adopted a sweet 10 year old kitty. 246 more words



After tea yesterday while out on our stroll, we saw some lovely blue sky

and some puffy white clouds

Little dog loves this walk… 84 more words


update on nitro

my boy is doing fine. he’s resting now. he’s happy. i took the cone off of his head. it was making him so uncomfortable. i hated seeing him struggling to just lie down even so i took it off. 230 more words


We don't own cats they own us

I have always loved cats and owned at least one cat. They all have different personalities. Which makes some bond with people differently. My oldest cat is punkie he’s about 13 and Siamese, he’s a very loving cat. 495 more words

Advice - 13yrold Chihuahua loss of appetite via /r/Pets

Advice – 13yrold Chihuahua loss of appetite

Background, my 13yrold Chihuahua recently started having seizures which are being controlled with phenobarbital adding to this he has the beginning stages of Kidney disease and has been on S.D. 89 more words