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Bad Dogs are the Best Dogs

Bad dogs are the best dogs. My dog Rosie is bad to the bone (at least in her mind) and despite this, our bond has grown immensely since I adopted her five years ago. 302 more words


My Feline Friends

Oh I love cats!

They’re sweet, cute and loyal companions.
My cat’s name is Miming. It’s a typical name for cats in the Philippines. With this name, it’s easier to call them when it’s feed time. 76 more words

Day 85 26 March - bella

Our only pet (if you don’t count our only surviving chicken as one), is a hand-raised cockatiel named Bella. We bought Bella approximately 6 years ago when she was merely a few months old.  247 more words

My 2017 Photo Dairy

Little Heartbeats at my Feet

Edith Wharton described her dog as ‘a little heartbeat at my feet’. The steady presence of animals is very comforting when you’re writing. Here are my own two little heartbeats. 31 more words


Poem: Kitty Praying 

Time to bow my head

I count my feline blessings

For all my nine lives


Sparkling in the Sunshine

My kitties LOVE sitting in the sunshine.  They know where all the sunbeams are at every second of the day and migrate accordingly.

Their favorite spot is when it shines on their heating pad and they can be broiled from above and below. 44 more words



I went home early today because mom said my cat Miss Miss, still had some babies inside her tummy, that she was only able to bring out two kittens. 300 more words