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Treatment Of Periodontal Disease In Dogs

The best way to protect your dog against periodontal disease is regular dental visits for checkup, coupled with daily tooth brushing. Professional dental cleaning can remove tartar and plaque which are important predisposing factors of periodontal disease. 195 more words


Black and White Sunday: Day 58 Group Shot

Day 58 of Mom’s recovery from foot surgery. She went out to get the newspaper and the mail. That is a big walk for her. We anxiously waiting at the door in hopes that maybe she was ready to take us for a walk. 64 more words


What Pet Stores Tell You VS Reality

Let me start by saying not all pet stores are bad. They are businesses where profits are important.

For those of us who own” pocket pets” ┬áreality is often not what we are led to believe.

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Basking Requirements For Red-Eared Sliders

Basking is very important for the health of red-eared sliders. Steps should be taken to encourage the turtles to get out of the water and bask regularly. 154 more words


A Wonderful Weekend

My weekends typically start at noon on Fridays after working a 4 hour shift at work (I work 9 hour days the rest of the week). 1,621 more words


Treatment Of Wet Tail In Hamsters

The only treatment regimen that can cure wet tail is a round of antibiotics and hydration. Without any treatment, infected hamsters will die. The disease is serious enough to kill sick hamsters within hours. 158 more words