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Why We Need A Canine Co-Rabbi

Almost from the beginning of my time at the synagogue three years ago, I’ve been talking to the rabbi about dogs. I don’t remember how it started. 629 more words


The Trial

Kit Kat’s trial lasted one week  The defense argued that the police had the wrong cat and that he became trapped in the basement by the dog when he went in to catch rats.   102 more words


Parrots Screaming "Help!," "Fire!" In Burning House [VIDEO]

When a house caught fire, firefighters could here the words “Help!” and “Fire!” coming from inside of the house so they thought there were people in the house. 122 more words


Fourth Entry

Dear Journal:

I’m a celebrity! Made the cover of the Kitty Chronicles.  Not a very good likeness.  No bueno, I look fat in one of the photos.


Third Entry

Dear Journal:

My mug shot and police file.



So it’s actually been just over a month now, but we got a puppy!!

He’s a cockapoo, his mummy is a cocker spaniel & his daddy is a miniature poodle… 349 more words


A fish called Fish.

So today we did a family org day hosted by my husband’s work. It was cute. Learned that my child loved being in a helicopter (on the ground) even though she couldn’t stay helicopter. 491 more words