Mint stick?

You’ve seen those green sticks almost every hedgehog owners raves about. And you’ve seen that video of Thonia going to town on the one for the Braid- y bunch set. 16 more words

National Ice Cream Day! 

On Sunday, I celebrated national Ice Cream Day! I recieved free ice cream at PetSmart and I enjoyed every little bit of it. I am so happy, my human goes out of her way and takes me to little events like this one. 39 more words


Chewy Brand Defections Mount -- But Who Benefits?

On April 18th, PetSmart announced the acquisition of Chewy, Inc., owner and operator of the chewy.com website.  On April 21st, Tuffy’s Pet Food, a brand of KLN Family Brands, announced that it was terminating its partnership with Chewy in what was termed a “show of support for the independent pet specialty channel.”  As a result of the move, KLN received considerable positive press, and likely bolstered its standing among independent retailers.  744 more words

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My Hamster's Cage Tour

This is so completely different than any other post I have ever done. In case you guys didn’t know I recently got a long haired Syrian hamster. 332 more words

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Ebates for Pets & More

*Post contains affiliate link* If you’re like me, most of the items you purchase are on sale or from a thrift/bargain/discount shop. Even if you’re not quite that way, I know that many people do enjoy saving. 88 more words


Here's Where To Get National Ice Cream Day Deals!

This Sunday is National Ice Cream Day!

According to Delish, there are plenty of places to grab some free scoops of everyone’s favorite frozen dessert. 222 more words


Here's Where To Get Your National Ice Cream Day Deals This Weekend

If you scream for ice cream, July 16 is your day: It’s National Ice Cream Day, which means there are free frozen treats up for grabs. 396 more words

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