Hours Of Free Entertainment!

Or minutes.


Would you really pooh-pooh a few minutes of fun because it doesn’t last longer?

Which reminds me of a story.

Thirty years ago I was in a relationship with a nice, but melancholy, man. 691 more words

Day 1546: How to decide

How to decide how to start this post?


  • Explore all your options.
  • Look at the pros and cons of all your different options.
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Personal Growth

Day 1543: Backgrounds

My background includes technical writing, marketing communications, and psychotherapy.

In the background, I’ve been looking up the definition of “background.”

Definition of background

  1. a :  the scenery or ground behind something – 

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Personal Growth

My Time With Petsmart - Fetishists, Racoons, And More

   Working at Petsmart was quite the experience. Were it not for my store’s inexperienced management team I think I could have stayed on for a bit longer. 874 more words


When all else fails...

Sometimes we let Sandy, our 10-year old small poodle, into the backyard (it’s fenced). Usually she scratches the door to be let in after about 10 minutes of exploring. 861 more words

Chewy Prepares to Take on All Comers

Over the past five years, interest in the potential and performance of the online channel for pet products has become an increasingly hot topic.  The narrative around pet ecommerce has been fueled, in part, by a change in ownership demographics, but more significantly by the lack of transparent data regarding the size of and growth rate in the channel.  755 more words

Consumer Products And Services

Lucy's Toys

The puppies are only five weeks old and our Lucy, who we still have not officially identified, has a whole basket full of new toys. Nothing in this world is more fun than shopping for new puppy essentials and toys, especially when you bring four children to PetSmart to complete the task. 139 more words