Tux Tuesday: The FURminator

I’ll admit it, getting brushed isn’t my favorite thing in the world. Sometimes it’s nice, like a good scratch on my back, but after 3 or 4 strokes I’m over it. 234 more words

Tux Tuesday


Well it seems as though my Episcleritis is flaring again. The other night I rubbed my eyes in bed. Apparently I rubbed them too hard because my right eye was killing me for the rest of the night. 340 more words

PetSmart Pet Grooming Jobs

Pet Grooming Jobs
Our pets inspire us to do amazing things every day. From encouraging us to be dependable leaders to helping us become more caring individuals, our pets bring out the best in us—and in our associates. 49 more words

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Rainy Day Fun Photos!

It’s a cold, windy, rainy day here in Gilbert, Arizona, which is highly unusual!  And let me clarify – cold means 61 degrees with a high of 68 to us desert people. 126 more words

Dog Mom

Puppy Love! 🐶

On Thursdays Luca goes to day care while I’m at work so he can get some playtime with his friends.

He loves it so much and the place we take him to is great! 173 more words


Auntie Extraordinaire (again)

It’s been awhile since my brother and sister-in-law have gone away for a week and let me help keep my nieces.

They left early Sunday morning for Maui, Hawaii (let’s try not to be jealous). 598 more words

Auntie Adventures

The importance of obedience training in the young dog's life.

It has become very clear to me how important formal obedience training is to the young dog. I have learned that there is a very crucial time period in which the young puppy learns many basic skills. 202 more words