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The Llama Drama: Video--A High Speed Llama Chase Gripped the Nation Yesterday

There’s no sound in this video. It’s one of many videos showing the dramatic chase as two wily llamas outsmart and outrun a whole bunch of humans. 177 more words

Chilling Out with the Animals in Saitama Children's Zoo

Early this month, before winter in Japan became too chilly, we brought the kids to Saitama’s Children Zoo (埼玉県こども動物自然公園). Though we know for sure that they will have a good time, Mummy has her own personal agenda for going there. 704 more words

Life In Japan

Santa Barbara Zoo

For people who are visiting Santa Barbara, a good fun place to go for the day with your family is the Santa Barbara Zoo! I know this because I work at the zoo over the summers and I love it.  305 more words

Who Knew $221 Could Buy A Donkey?

In the season 8 episode “You Pet It, You Bought It”, Michelle uses her hard earned lemonade stand money to buy a donkey, causing mayhem for the Tanner Tribe. 298 more words

90s Television

Echoes Through Time - Page 99: "Taking It To The Bedroom"

Sapphira, who is actually the daughter of the undead frost wyrm Sapphiron, laments her isolated life in Winterspring and the loss of her brood in Northrend at the hands of Arthas Menethil. 43 more words

Echoes Through Time

Hello world!

This blog is the result of 2 very good friends who happened to migrate to Australia around the same time (lucky us!)On the anniversary of our arrival in Australia; we decided that we would like to provide support to new migrants! 132 more words

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The Petting Zoo--Story the Last

We’ll soon return to our regularly scheduled blogging. First, though, we get to see the first couple of paragraphs of the closing story in “Love is Not a Dirty Word.” 627 more words