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A Good Conversation

How I wish I knew what they were talking about.  I heard wild yelling, and when I looked out, the little one was jumping and squealing at the goats, just as happy as can be. 50 more words



The little boys are recovering nicely from being banded.  I know they were uncomfortable most of the weekend, but you’d never know it now.

As long as they don’t smell dead, some of them will get to go join the pumpkin patch next weekend. 79 more words


New Paltz Zoo Fun Fact #1

The New Paltz Zoo is the first children’s zoo in the nation to have a petting zoo area that includes giraffes and water buffalo!


The Grand Adventure

Today’s been a long, yet adventurous day.  A dear friend of mine, and her kiddos are here for the weekend. They are from good old Kansas. 105 more words

Twin Mom

Perfect Zoo Day.

I normally never make a blog post about our zoo days since we go so much, and Little Miss knows which way to go when we get there and knows we’re going to see the animals. 289 more words

Mom Tales

Those are Funny Lookin' Horses

I know these aren’t horses but they are too cute to not post! We had piglets at work! We can finally pet them. Flower the cow got jealous of the attention we were paying to the piglets so she came and said hello.


Farmhouse Lembang Bandung

Jalan – jalan ke Lembang harus coba objek wisata kekinian Farmhouse! Jujur saja, tujuan saya wisata ke Lembang ya mau kesini ini karena ada petting zoo yang disukai Zahra. 294 more words