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Americans are losing faith in religion's ability to help solve social problems

Throughout US history, religious leaders and institutions have played a vital role in addressing the issues of the day. The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, which witnessed a horrific shooting in June last year, was used in the struggle against slavery as a site for organizing and activism. 404 more words

[VIDEO] Reason TV: Are Republicans or Democrats More Anti-Science? 

Reason TV talks with California progressives about what happens when science meets politics.

Zach WeissmuellerJustin Monticello & Joshua Swain report: It’s popular to portray the GOP as the  380 more words


Are you suffering from election fatigue?

By Political Editor

Are you suffering from election fatigue? According to a recent Pew Research Center study that was administered between early June and early July, about 6 and 10 Americans are already “worn out by the…election coverage.” That means nearly 4 and 10 Americans are still going strong. 384 more words


Poll: Americans are sick and tired of hearing about the presidential election

Millennials are so over the US presidential election. After nearly two years of media speculation, around-the-clock coverage of bitter primary battles, and an escalating contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that has engulfed social feeds, two-thirds—67%—of 18- to 29-year-olds say they are worn out by news coverage of the election, the Pew Research Center found. 225 more words

Do white men earn the most?

By Economics Editor

The Systems Scientist previously reported that Asians as a group not only had the lowest unemployment rate for the month of June… 400 more words

The Systems Scientist

Do you support the Black Lives Matter movement?

By Cultural Editor

Do you support the Black Lives Matter movement? Well it depends if you’re black or white, or young or old. It also depends on education and party affiliation. 403 more words