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Examples of the Four Credibility Principles

By Luke Calanna

Below will be some examples of how websites can be seen by their viewer…


This image is of the Curtain University home page. 328 more words

Website Credibility

Information generations; the end of the Millennials?

The idea of a ‘generation’ is a widely understood one, and we often take it for granted that people of a certain age will have similar experiences, expectations, and values. 511 more words

Library Information Science

Who is Not Going to Church

Pew and Barna Research groups keep up a continuous study of religious actions and beliefs in the USA.  Their data shows that 40% of those under 30 identify as having no religious affiliation; Roman Catholic attendance is down to 21% and Protestant to 15%.  551 more words


Illegal immigrants by the numbers.

Some Republicans in Congress have suddenly gotten all excited about passing “immigration reform ” to deal with the problem of illegal immigration.

Now, far be it from us to ever complain about Congress doing its job, especially in light of President Trump’s call for Congress to actually do some work from now until the November elections. 359 more words


Belief in "God" Surges

But it’s a smorgasbord of beliefs.

New Pew research makes a sharp revelation about belief in God: it’s high

Of course, what people mean by “God” seems somewhat confused if not varied. 883 more words


Is the Protestant Reformation Over and Did we Lose?

Let’s talk division.

The Pew Center for Religious life recently completed a survey that polled people’s thoughts on key issues that were at play during the Reformation 500 years ago. 761 more words