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Pew Study On Religion Finds Increased Harassment Of Jews : The Two-Way : NPR

The latest report on harassment of religions, both from governments and by individuals:

The Pew report, which is based on data and reports from 2013, finds that Muslims and Christians face comparable levels of hostility, though Christians are harassed more often by governments, Muslims more often by individuals.

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Nums: What percentage of Americans prepare their own taxes? How many of them like it?

Since, I started preparing my taxes this weekend, I got curious …

Pew Research says that overall, 33% of Americans say they do their own taxes while 56% say someone else prepares their taxes. 247 more words


There Are Both Direct and Indirect Reasons to be Bullish on Renewable Energy

My most recent book, Bullish on Renewable Energy, provides many reasons that the forces of pure market economics are ushering in the various forms of clean energy resources, while they simultaneously bring about the demise of fossil fuels.  302 more words

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Warning: Don't read this post if your stomach has been growling in the past hour

I read an article about the correlation between social media and stress on a Pew Research Center for my Social Media Class. I found myself reflecting on my own time and usage on social media.  662 more words


Stress and Social Media

For generations, the advancement of technology has slowly increased the amount of stress that is assumed by an individual. Whether it is constantly having access to technology, or simply disrupting a quiet moment that would normally be spent to unwind and relax people have been reporting higher amounts of stress than ever before. 547 more words

Gender, Stress, and the Implications of Social Media

After reading findings of a new Pew Internet Research study, I’ve reached only one conclusion. Women have harder lives than men.

The study was performed to determine if social media contributes to or detracts from our stress levels. 400 more words

Social Media Across Generations

My eighty-something-year-old grandmother is probably on Facebook more than I am. So for those of you that think of social media as something “those darn kids” are into, think again. 273 more words

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