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Teens aren't done with Facebook yet, says new research

NEW YORK – Remember those declarations that teens are done with Facebook? Think again.

Facebook remains the most used social media site among American teens ages 13 to 17, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center. 413 more words


An Open Letter to Pope Francis

A letter I sent to Pope Francis in yesterday’s mail.  I hope he reads it. 

April 13, 2015

His Holiness Pope Francis

Apostolic Palace

00120 Vatican City… 404 more words


Twitter Tied?

Twitter is a very interesting and popular tool in social media. If one were to spend a day on twitter, everyone would have a different experience and everyone would come away with different perceptions of twitter. 427 more words

FB se posiciona como la plataforma preferida de los chicos

La red social FB se posiciona como la plataforma preferida entre los chicos y adolescentes estadounidenses, por delante de Instagram, Twitter y Google+. acebook todavía se sostiene como la plataforma preferida por los más jóvenes, pese a los números que registraron una menor concurrencia del público adolescente en dos mil trece. 175 more words


The Future of Religion

The Pew Research Center recently released a report on the future of world religion. Using population growth projections, researchers have predicted which traditions will increase in membership and which traditions will decline in the next 35 years. 590 more words

Black Immigrants and the Growing Diversity within Black America

Washington Post: Rapidly growing numbers of black immigrants have reshaped the overall black population in the United States in recent decades, particularly in Washington and other cities with large U.S.-born African American communities, a new report says. 91 more words


Five charts that puncture the bogey of Muslim population growth

A report ( http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/pew-study-india-muslim-population/article7064237.ece )  released last week by the Pew Research Centre predicting that India will overtake Indonesia as the country with the largest Muslim population has set off the usual suspects. 891 more words