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Who are Our Nation's Readers?

As I am rapidly approaching my graduation from Northeastern University, I realize that the continuation of my education will be entirely in my own hands. Reading, whether it be news articles, opinion pieces, or book, will be one way that I hope to do so. 423 more words


Top Ten Demographic Trends in America

As reported for Pew Research by D’VERA COHN AND ANDREA CAUMONT For the complete report visit Pew Research on line.

At its core, demography is the act of counting people. 394 more words

Unity Through Solutions 2.0

For Interracial Couples, Growing Acceptance, With Some Exceptions - The New York Times

In addition to the numbers cited below, some good personal stories in the full article:

It’s a sentiment that mixed-race couples hear all too frequently, as interracial marriages have become increasingly common in the United States since 1967, when the Supreme Court’s decision in 

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Political Polarization & Media Habits

From FOX NEWS to FACEBOOK, How Liberals and Conservatives Keep Up with Politics

This report is part of series by the Pew Research Center aimed at understanding the nature and scope of political polarization in the American public, and how it interrelates with government, society and people personals lives. 8 more words

CaUgHt By THe EyE

Literal interpretation of Bible 'helps increase church attendance'

Churches that are theologically conservative with beliefs based on a literal interpretation of the Bible grow faster than those with a liberal orientation, according to a five-year academic study. 760 more words


How big is the platform economy? Four key takeaways from Pew Research's new report on gig work, online selling and home sharing

One question I get asked a lot and always find difficult to answer is how big is the platform economy.

The question is tricky to address, since there is no simple and agreed-upon definition of what even constitutes the platform economy. 999 more words

The Trump Election: A Postmortem of Nov. 8

Although it’s been only just over a week since the election, I think that there’s been enough time to gather some useful information about what happened. 938 more words

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