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Trump officially won't release his tax returns, but most Americans still want to see them

US presidential candidates in recent history have released their tax returns during the election campaign to show the American people there could be no conflict of interest from previous business dealings, and serves as a reference point for any potential president’s pre-inaugural wealth.  262 more words

Mixed Results

Rev. Beth Lyon is Pastor of Glenside United Church of Christ in Glenside, Pennsylvania. She has been an Ordained Minister since 1986, serving congregations in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. 665 more words

Can students tell the difference between fake news and real news?

This fake news thing is bigger than just election results.  “Fake news” has become a label people freely put on facts they don’t agree with.  People will call something “fake news” when in fact it’s true.  685 more words


Officers More Reluctant to Use Force & Make Stops, Survey Shows

ATLANTA — The so-called “Ferguson effect” — officers backing off of policing out of fear that their actions will be questioned after the fact — has been talked about but never really quantified. 548 more words

CBS Washington

We Are Not Going Back

Pew Research today released a fascinating polling summary of a changing America during Barack Obama’s presidency. In a nutshell, American political ethos has grown more progressive, although we have never faced greater divisions between those supporting progressive politics and those who generally do not. 97 more words

Liberal Politics

The First 100 Days

We find ourselves at the beginning of another new year. The twelfth day of Christmas has passed and the magi found their way to the manager via the bright star God placed in the sky. 1,035 more words

Atheists, Agnostics, Nonreligious Remain Far Underrepresented In US Congress : NPR

Interesting comparison between the US Congress and the population it represents (in Canada, it is about one in four). In terms of the religion of Canadian MPs, my analysis of visible minority MPs is below: 429 more words