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Young adults in the US are now more likely to be roommates with their parents than with partners

US parents may have made their homes too cushy for millennial children. Or perhaps coming of age during the Great Recession with crippling college debt and thinning career prospects ingrained an unprecedented level of frugality into millennial minds.  284 more words

Young adults aren't putting a ring on it – they're living with their parents

More young Americans are living at home with their parents than alone, with a partner, or in any other living arrangement.

It’s the first time that’s been the case since 1880, … 346 more words


Only 5% of China's LGBT citizens have come out of the closet

The vast majority of China’s lesbian, gay, and other sexual and gender minorities—some 95%—haven’t declared their orientation in public because they fear discrimination and abuse from their families and society, a recent study finds. 390 more words

Middle Class Finally Gets A Raise

Popular Economics Weekly

A new rule announced by the Obama administration will, effective December 1, double the overtime-pay salary threshold and set it to automatically increase every three years. 840 more words

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Digital Dating Rising Rapidly, Study Says

This piece is an exercise in feature reporting, with its focus put on making a complex study provided by the Pew Research Center understandable through personable interviewing and a personality-centered feature lead. 615 more words

Salve Regina University

Demographics Changing Profiles Based on Tradgedy

This New Story was particularly interesting because it was based off of an actual study done regarding social media. It was a tough balance to organize the statistics alongside the story in a way that was equal and didn’t overload the reader with information. 523 more words


The Divide Over Islam and National Laws in the Muslim World | Pew Research Center

Useful indication of the differences among countries in the Muslim world:

As strife in the Middle East continues to make headlines, from the militant group ISIS to Syrian refugees, the Muslim world is sharply divided on what the relationship should be between the tenets of Islam and the laws of governments.

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