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Today, I flew.

At the bottom of every To-Do list I’ve ever made, I half-jokingly half-seriously write “Learn To Fly”. It’s a quasi joke only because it comes after such easily achievable items like “buy stamps” or “write thank you notes” or “floss”. 819 more words

Peyton Lea

What if it was OK if we all knew nothing?

With the advent of the Internet and smartphones, a world of information is readily at our fingertips. Duh. And as Wi-Fi and cell phone signal gets more widespread, there are an increasingly few number of places you can go without access to the ocean of information on the world wide web. 793 more words

Foto Friday presents: Amelie.

I did not take this photo, nor did I make this film. I am simply in love with both. And Audrey Tautou.

Peyton Lea

Late night musings

I suppose I could point out the irony of me watching a video of a song called “Narcolepsy” at 3am as I am basically being an insomniac, but maybe I’ll just share the video. 7 more words

Peyton Lea

poem, fall.

What if fall lasted forever?
If my feet kept carrying me
through sixty-five degree days,
where the sun stays low in the sky
illuminating the world yellow, 113 more words

Photo Shoot near Hotlanta

Even though I’ve only been working with Steve Exum for a month or so, I’m already realizing the travel that is involved for an on-location photographer. 255 more words