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Classics Challengers, it’s time for a little light reading. You deserve it.

The end-of-schoolyear bullshit is a heavy burden. Concerts and their practices, graduations, award ceremonies and making sure everyone has “good clothes” that fit, all have me driving, literally, in circles. 753 more words

Classics Challenge 2016

Feeling Out Of Place

The assumption of belonging is usually taken for granted. Within your own family, chances, without reservation, are you are a member. When you walk through the front door of a home belonging to a relative, there’s usually a happy greeting and you’re offered a place to sit and told to make yourself comfortable. 626 more words


In The Olden Days Seen-On The TV Screen (6)

Back in 1964, there was a lot of drama to face-

As we watched Rodney and Allison, along with others, on Peyton Place.



In the Land of Moms and Monsters

We wrote an article over at Risingshadow about what inspired our upcoming thriller, Mother, titled In the Land of Moms and Monsters.

Mother is a psychological thriller in the vein of Psycho and Misery, with a pinch of Peyton Place and a dash of Gaslight. 140 more words


A sight to see. . .

Perhaps I am not a good critic of film because I tend to find at least one redeeming quality in most of the films that I see that I am not overly fond of. 210 more words


In so many ways then, history is a story of tongues untied. Acts of reading in other words are social acts at times noisy events simultaneously private and public.

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#14 Reading, Sex, and Hidden Books

One day I was in the band room, in my seat, waiting for practice to start. The band room was a great place, though we didn’t know it at the time. 2,572 more words