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In so many ways then, history is a story of tongues untied. Acts of reading in other words are social acts at times noisy events simultaneously private and public.

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#14 Reading, Sex, and Hidden Books

One day I was in the band room, in my seat, waiting for practice to start. The band room was a great place, though we didn’t know it at the time. 2,572 more words

The Small Town in the Machine Age: Sherwood Anderson's "Poor White"

For those generally familiar with American literature, particularly that of the early twentieth century, the name Sherwood Anderson likely brings to mind his famous collection of interconnected short stories called… 2,417 more words

Cinema Penitentiary Diaries - August 20-31

  1. The Best of Everything REVIEWED Finishing School Vulgarity triumphs as Frances Dee and Ginger Rogers thumb their noses at the snobs who enforce etiquette and morality upon their charges in an uppity private school.
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Modern Screen magazine, March 1966. From a charity shop in Arnold, Nottingham.

The Ashley Madison Affair: Just another Peyton Place ...

All of  trans-media seems to deconstructing the Ashley Madison leak. So many angles. I see, it in McLuhanesque terms. This Ashley Madison affair has made the entire world (and especially Ottawa:) just another Peyton Place. 7,027 more words


Which Peyton Place character are you?

Allison McKenzie

Caught in a middle place between childhood and adulthood, you approach life from a naïve and untainted perspective, but are quickly cynical and disheartened by change and adversity. 667 more words