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Twelve Memorable Moments From PEYTON PLACE Season Two

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! Over a month ago, I covered ten of the most memorable moments from the first season of Peyton Place  1,510 more words


Writers as minor gods? Possibly, maybe, maybe not.

“Why one writes is a question I can answer easily, having so often asked it of myself. I believe one writes because one has to create a world in which one can live. 687 more words


Writing Tips

There is not a single writer’s group meeting I attend that I do not learn something, or at least get inspired or motivated.  I even got a blog post (this one) out of it, plus a possible regional short story idea.  694 more words

PCT Discusses “Peyton Place”

Here’s my most recent article from The Stroud Courier- you can find the original link here- Click Here

PCT Discusses “Peyton Place”

March 4, 2015   … 448 more words

Stroud Courier

Ten Memorable Moments From PEYTON PLACE Season One

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! As regular readers know, my television interests reside almost exclusively in the land of comedy. One of the exceptions to the rule is… 1,202 more words


Obituaries: Lionel E. Siegel (1927-2013); Ron Roth (1936-2013)

During my research for this fall’s Then Came Bronson article and this tangential follow-up on the lost Chrysler Theatre episode “Barbed Wire,” I learned of the recent deaths of two of the men who made crucial contributions to those series when I sought to interview them.   1,004 more words