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The Football Cerear: Payton Manning

This is a new segment i’m doing, much like the tv show A Football Life on NFL Network, This segment goes through a all-star NFL players career but not their personal life. 349 more words


The Broncos May Not Want Peyton Manning. But, They Sure as Hell Need Him.

Peyton Manning is the only quarterback in the history of the National Football League for whom a season with 39 touchdowns, 4,727 passing yards, and a 2.5%  interception rate can be considered a “bad year.” Much of that is Manning’s own doing. 1,684 more words


Why the Best Thing Peyton Manning Could Do is Retire

Peyton Manning is going to come back this season. He’s a competitor and having watched his biggest rival, Tom Brady, solidify himself as the best quarterback of the era, Peyton will not find in himself the desire to walk away from the game. 816 more words


Torn Webs

No one lives forever.

- Connor MacLeod

Timing changes everything. It can take something that might be shocking and make it acceptable, but it can also do the opposite. 1,425 more words

Alien Legacy

Peyton on Futuyma

by Greg Mayer

Today was the first day of class for Biological Sciences 314 Evolutionary Biology, and already last night Peyton, the Philosophickal Cat, was well into her reading of… 40 more words


Boy or girl?

I ran some stats on my database and found the most gender ambiguous name was Casey- almost half are boys and half are girls as you can see from the above graph. 373 more words


Coach's daughter sets new Colorado record for career three pointers

Victoria Goodman has had to spend her entire career under the shadow cast by her father, the head girls basketball coach at Peyton High School near Colorado Springs. 243 more words