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Chapter Eight

P r e v i o u s N e x t

Peyton opened his eyes and instantly jerked awake as an unfamiliar room stared back at him. 7,638 more words

Chapter Five

P r e v i o u s N e x t

Peyton adjusted his tie for the hundredth time that morning, staring intently into the mirror. 6,248 more words

Tragedy befalls the Peytons.

Roanoke Beacon, 28 October 1910.

I have been unable to find any record of Wiley or Nettie Peyton in Wilson County records.

Wilson County

Chapter Three

P r e v i o u s N e x t

Peyton zipped up the duffle bag and stared at it as if it would vanish at any moment, like the normalcy of his life soon would. 4,032 more words


Some Favorite Writers: Emily Wilson*

Tue, Oct 23 from 7:30 – 9:30pm PDT  Arts & Entertainment

In her stunning new translation of The Odyssey—the first-ever English translation by a woman—renowned classics scholar Emily Wilson brings a fresh perspective to Homer’s masterpiece while still conveying the humanity and heroic power of the original Greek. 814 more words


Chapter One

N e x t

He slackened his wrist and pushed the needle into his arm, depressing the plunger to let its liquid inside rush through his veins. 4,924 more words

100+ Dogs Rescued From Puppy Mills Arrive In Colorado

PEYTON, Colo. (CBS4)– More than 100 dogs and puppies are in Colorado after the National Mill Dog Rescue rescued them from puppy mills across the Midwest. 116 more words