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Happy Birthday to me

Thank you to the Mitchell crew for making me feel special even at 31 years old.

Alberto Lopez

Hut Hut Hut Pizza Super Bowl ad

The video I entered made into the Pizza Hut Super Bowl ad this year. I want to thank everyone that helped me out with the shoot.


Alberto Lopez

2013 Aquent Talent Calendar

My 3D piece was chosen for the 2013 Aquent Talent Calendar.  It’s titled “Close Finish”, it consisted of a series of frames from an animation piece I produced for Betfair.com.

Alberto Lopez

Betfair Animated Commercial for Zooppa

This is a Commercial I animated for a competition at Zooppa.com. I was presented with many challenges in the making of the video.

First challenge was finding time to make it. 130 more words

Alberto Lopez

Mummy Sketch

This was a quick rendering of a Mummy for Advanced Drawing for Animation class.  I used Copic markers on text gloss printing paper to blend in the colors.

Alberto Lopez

Viva Countdown Begins!

I’ve realized that it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been on here. Sorry about that. Work, school, performing and family has created a hectic cycle these last few months. 163 more words