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"Don't TELL me to CALM DOWN!" Why it won't work

Ever heard these 6 words when you’ve been upset?   Ever said these words because someone else was upset?

And how did that go for you?  I’m guessing, from personal experience, not well. 446 more words

4th Street Market 1 of 2

This place had been on my list since its opening, and Sam, an old friend, finally becoming available for an outing provided the ideal opportunity to visit. 333 more words


Protective Instinct

There is an energy that you carry

when you’re nurturing another life

where you’re protecting first –

and once you know that cub is out of the way… 91 more words

Healthy Banana Nut Bedtime (Or Anytime!) Snack

In trying to watch the foods that I eat, reduce my “processed” food and carbs, and eat more real food… I needed to find a healthy bedtime snack. 172 more words


Cherry Blossom Soul

We <3 Roleplay  is a monthly fantasy roleplay  event that starts on the 4th of each month. It features male, female, and unisex clothing, furniture and accessories. 105 more words

PFC @270 on 02/06/2015

You may retain and buy/add more for medium/long term…ref 1319/30.61/295/250 (700/1394/2203/1300/1000/12M/cld).
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PFC @271 on 19/02/2015
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