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PFF Reflection #14: Diversity & Difference

In our discussion of internal and external diversities, I found it most interesting when the point was brought up that most international students, or students who are frequent travelers, are less offended by certain microaggressions than students from the United States that have not traveled very much. 490 more words


PFF Reflection #13: Teaching for Active Engagement

I can most clearly recall two instances in which I was most deeply engaged in an activity (I’m sure there are more if I really picked my brain, but for the purposes of this reflection I’ll only focus on two instances). 612 more words


Postmortem report of foodpanda's Pakistan food festival 2015

I always wonder how food delivery services like Foodpanda are successful while offering such discounted deals from renowned food joints. I am still wondering😀

Secondly , why would one order food through them while they can order straight from the restaurant? 347 more words


Where are the Azkals?

As far as I can remember, World Cup Qualifiers start on June 11, 2015. That’s barely more than a month away. If today was still January, I could understand the seeming absence of the azkals from the limelight. 391 more words


We are gamers

I can’t believe this will be my last official column of the year already. With that said, this week’s column will be about people who play games, instead of individual games. 626 more words

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Western Visayas Classic Slated April 25 In Manila  

FOR decades, Negros Occidental and Iloilo has been the source of talents of Philippine football.

On April 25, the two provinces will be honored with the staging of the Western Visayas Classic: Iloilo-Negros Occidental All-Star Football Match at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. 346 more words