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Why study charitable giving? : Challenges and opportunities in the field of Islamic Philanthropic studies.

One of the projects that is occupying most of my waking hours involves studying charity. Yes, you read that right, charity as in giving, philanthropy, Zakat, Tzedakah – call it what you want. 855 more words


“We Need to Heal the World Through our Work,” - Father Joseph Philippe

 Passover this year was unusual in many respects. While I am not Jewish and don’t observe the day, nor do most of the people at Virginia Tech; an unlikely visitor reminded us of the key message of Passover- Freedom and Liberation. 924 more words

"Afghanistan is at a turning point, and its future depends on support from other countries," - Amy Friers

In a candid interview, Amy Friers, a native of Syracuse, NY, who is the Vice Chancellor of Diplomacy and International Studies Institute of Higher Education, Kabul, Afghanistan talks about her interesting journey from Syracuse, NY to Kabul; in her efforts to provide higher education to the people of Afghanistan. 1,554 more words

Book review: A free and Ordered Space – A.Bartlett Giamatti

While it is not fashionable to review old books, there can be exceptions. Or rather, there should be exceptions for classics – they should be read, reviewed and discussed- time and again. 962 more words


The university as a politically contested space

Two events in the recent past helped me gain some insights into how politically contested a university campus can be. This political nature of American campuses is not new, but offers opportunities for students to engage, deliberate about issues that they are passionate about and can be seen as a positive factor in one’s education. 1,175 more words


Why you should get a PhD and the importance of being "productively stupid"

I feel privileged to be in a Ph.D program, with a world-renowned adviser and a fairly new department( which means I have a lot of flexibility to study and explore my area of interest) in a way that would be impossible in a more established set-up.   997 more words


Is this the beginning of the end for the traditional University system ?

I am actually registered in two courses on a website which is part of the  “Massive Open Online Courses,” ( MOOC) system so called because they are free and online – and offered by some of the best-known universities in the world . 393 more words