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trust in student-supervisor relationships...

Announcing TRUST ME! A multi-university research study into doctoral student-supervisor relationships
This project (@predoctorbility on Twitter) is about the relationship between doctoral students and their supervisors and it asks about the quality of that relationship: what constitutes ‘quality’, what does quality mean for learning, and how do you get a quality relationship, and how would you recognise if and when you have it? 350 more words


PG Symposium: Research Trends in Latin American Studies

On 26 April, CLACS organised a symposium for PhD students working in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool. The event was funded by the… 571 more words


is your doctorate worth it?

This is a call for all University of Sheffield Doctoral students who would like to give an opinion on whether their doctorate was worth it – what is the value of a PhD, to you personally, and in the job market? 375 more words


BSE 19-4-2016 pre-SOTU

Busy night, as we celebrated the last pre-SOTU party in the studio, having some friends and artists over to play along or just be there. We did a two-studio-interplay session. 136 more words

Havan Hees

Conference Season 2016: 1 - Exeter Humanities PGR Conference 2016

It seems that Spring is finally upon us: the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and conference season has begun. While there are conferences throughout the year, there are always more in the spring and summer months (fewer teaching commitments, fewer students on campus, better weather…). 659 more words


Plang Growth Regulators in Scope CL barley

By Kelly Angel (BCG) and Rob Launder (Agritech Rural)

Key messages:

  • In 2014 – a dry season with limited growth and yield at the trial site…
  • 276 more words
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