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Possible Topics

Ever since my last post- many of my days have been filled with conversations and thoughts about what it is exactly that I might want to study! 54 more words


Salsa Dancing (Ex 1)

Write about a question concerning the social world you would like to investigate.

When I think about the perfect question, it’s got to be something that I would be interested in and ponder over even if I wasn’t in school or planning to conduct research. 282 more words


Time is of the essence

I had this great thought, then I came upstairs… got distracted… and forgot it.

Ahh I remember. I was teaching my GED kids today about the power of self confidence and knowledge of the self. 107 more words


What am I thinking

Seriously.. what am I thinking? Family arguments, puppies pooping on carpet, no time for cats (they’re sad). It’s taken me two days to read a 12 page journal article- oh wait, I’m still not done. 67 more words


Telling the World

Of course I had to finally let the world (what we consider Facebook) know what lies ahead these next years. It can be hard for me to share something like that because I instantly feel the pressure. 104 more words



Everyone talked about how I should be scarred or nervous. But yesterday I felt brave and ready to accomplish. The adventure might be miles and miles ahead but I can just keep taking small steps forward right? 23 more words


2017 The Road To Dissertation Defense

Hey blog readers,

I just realized that I had not provided any dissertation updates. In April of 2017, I successfully defended my research proposal. Since then, I have been writing and editing in order to craft my dissertation into something substantial. 168 more words