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Shiny Metal Lawn Dart 41

I know this will likely come as no surprise, but I’m once again sitting at Pearson International Airport (after having spent the day in Toronto at the Council of Ontario Universities Experiential Learning Best Practices Exchange) waiting to board the next shiny metal lawn dart that will take me from here to there. 325 more words



Continuing on in “Molecules of Emotion”, The Science Behind Mind-Body (same thing) Medicine; Dr. Pert says, “…endorphins, the body’s own natural morphine…which your body makes too.” 455 more words


November 08, 2017 at 07:56PM

Time to check in…..

Hello readers, yes it’s a blue moon and time to take some time even though there is no time to post here. 375 more words


83, Ph.D

I started looking seriously into Ph.D options: schools, scholarships and all. When I looked into it in January, it was too late. Now, it still feels that I should have started earlier as some schools (west coast) are closing in a month. 726 more words


Chris Bayer Speaks On Psychotherapy

Chris Bayer Gives his Opinions on Psychotherapy

 Chris Bayer is well-reputed psychiatrist based in New York. He has obtained his specialization in the field of psychotherapy from the New York University. 398 more words

Christopher A. Bayer

Mad Max: Beyond Tenure-Track

I give it a decade before the academic job market becomes a place only negotiable through a series of Hunger Games/Thunderdome-style gladiatorial competitions where the only possible way to get a tenure-track position teaching 19th century French novels is to stab the incumbent professor in the solar plexus with a tuning fork. 1,619 more words