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Shelly's Notebook: Oct 30-Nov 3, Geoduck Broodstock qPCR

Isolating RNA from hemocytes Oct. 30, 2020 Samples: Animal_ID Condition Sex Stage Location 3 ambient F mature/spent Rack 6, col 2, row 2 6 ambient F ripe Rack 6, col 2, row 2 7 ambient F late active Rack 6, col 2, row 2 015 low pH F early active… 10 more words


Shelly's Notebook: Thurs. Oct. 29, Geoduck qPCR

Isolating RNA from 2018-19 hemolymph samples I decided to use the Qiagen RNeasy micro prep kit because the max capacity is 45ug and you can elute in as little as 10uL. 29 more words