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Essential Oil Outlook 2016 via Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D.

Well, if 2015 is any indication, it may be that essential oils and aromatherapy might continue to reach new dimensions in popularity. This also means the issue of sustainability will move closer to center stage.

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Candidates Mum on Social Security

Published in Pawtucket Times on February 8, 2016

Just a week before the New Hampshire primary, scheduled for Tuesday, February 9, AARP releases a new survey, of likely primary voters, that finds Social Security is “one issue that transcends the partisan divide and unites people of all ages.” Both surveyed Democrats and Republicans alike agreed that all presidential candidates should give details as to how they will strengthen or expand Social Security. 1,086 more words


LP Stitch: Bitches Brew

For January’s LP Stitch project, I created a reproduction of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew (1970), considered to be one of the pioneering albums in jazz fusion. 187 more words


Get the Ball Rolling

Another early morning. I woke up about 5am today, this jetlag is starting to get to me. I need to be able to have a little lie in another morning. 1,060 more words

Indecent exposure...

The title kinda sounds like a bad photograph…  The things we see and the things we do!  After all, it’s those ‘Indecent exposures’ camera buffs are after!  455 more words

Behaviour And Conduct

Getting started [Science mode: Ready]

Hello, world.

I am Bryn. I am a Ph.D student at the University of Glasgow, but for now, I am not at the University of Glasgow. 635 more words

Lessons Learned in Grad School 1-20

Here is my list of the first few lessons I’ve come up for during my time in graduate school.  These is not a complete list, as more will arise as I think of them.  828 more words

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