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At about 2am (EST) in the morning of May 26, 2016, I really, truly, officially, once and for all (no, seriously, we totally mean it this time – there is no more paperwork or revisions or fees) was awarded my Ph.D. 1,459 more words


Are doctors too complacent?

It is no secret that I have wanted to become a doctor for quite some time. What may surprise you, is that I plan to make medical research my primary focus, while also practicing medicine one or two days per week. 372 more words

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#1742 - Writing A Journal Paper


As currently I am in Munich for a conference, so I feel like the posts I publish this week should also revolve a little bit around my work, haha :lol: . 1,621 more words

Zilko's Life

Journey of Ph. D.

Why did I pursue my Doctorate ?

I have always considered a Doctorate as a major milestone for a career in research. My objective has always been to keep learning and experimenting. 67 more words


Learn to think differently about yourself

Medications are only a tool. Psychiatric medications are one tool among many other tools that you can use to recover. Physical exercise, eating well, avoiding alcohol and street drugs, love, solitude, art, nature, prayer, work, and a myriad of coping strategies are equally important to your recovery” 46 more words

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Doctoral School Drop Out

Early last year, fresh off the heels of ʻūniki, I decided to start a doctoral program. The stars seemed to align: the program is on the campus where I work, the degree was fast-tracked, my tuition waiver would apply, I was eligible for a scholarship, and the classes would be in the late afternoons. 895 more words

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Ph.D. stands for Ph***ing Doofus

Mid-week rant:

Google Scholar must die! Die! Die! Die!

Google Scholar is, like Uber, for lazy people. We should not encourage its use.

If you have a Ph.D. 75 more words