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Self-Actualization in the Military

Abraham Maslow said self-actualization is “…to become everything that one is capable of becoming,” which sounds very similar to the old U.S army recruitment slogan, “Be All (That) You Can Be.” My interviews with Canadian Veterans of Afghanistan support the idea that the military can facilitate self-actualization; the problem is that this can often contribute to issues among individuals leaving the military who are unable to maintain this high level of self-actualization due to the relative lack of self-actualizing institutional supports in civilian life. 754 more words


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My Sleepy Day

I promised yesterday I wouldn’t try to blog while still half asleep ever again, and today I kept that promise.  I took that sun setting photo several years ago, when we actually had a pretty sunset, so I’m finally using it.   747 more words


From The Desk of Darlene J. Harris : Oh To Be Betrayed - An Article by Dr. J. Kelley

Greetings Everyone,

I hope everyone was able to glean something from “It’s Never Too Late to Help Yourself Heal From Childhood Sexual Abuse” by Michael Ra Bouchard, Ph.D. 1,046 more words


Back to the future

 Sometimes, you just have this day. The day it’s better not to be near you because you can bite off someone’s head or other part of the body, it doesn’t really matter. 446 more words

Ph.D. Life

Presenting at National and Local Conferences Can Help Your Visibility

All Students

Greetings Everyone! I hope your semester is going great. Today’s topic is one that a lot of students do not take advantage of. Prior to beginning my doctoral program; I had never presented at a major or local conference. 430 more words


One Foot In Front Of The Other Moves You Forward

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I have had a roller coaster of a week, now much of that has been in my head but whoo, it has been a ride. 404 more words


Re: "Abiertas inscripciones a Doctorado en Salud" --- @Univalle_FSalud @UnivalleCol

Inscriptions open to the Doctorate in Health at the University of Valle, Cali, Colombia. 

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If you actually do research and even go further to publish your findings in peer-review biomedical journals, the problem is that the very same institution where you studied then makes every effort to suppress your ideas because are a clear threat to ve…

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