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The Wonder of the Five-Year Old Mind

“Most of us can look back to particular teachers who inspired us and changed our lives. These teachers excelled and reached us, but they did this in spite of the basic culture and mindset of public education. 1,189 more words

As I Sit In This Starbucks...

I am drinking my venti peppermint mocha (I am usually more of a coffee snob to drink such a flavored drink but it’s just so gooooooood), I am applying for graduate schools. 538 more words

Musings And Personal

What If Wladimir Klitschko Was Your P.E.*  Teacher?

While I understand that this would probably NEVER be the case, and that having a Doctoral degree in Sports Science in no way relegates one to teaching P.E. 538 more words


Ph.D. Scholarship in Ice sheet modelling at Victoria

The Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, is offering a FULLY FUNDED scholarship for an enthusiastic and talented Ph.D student to undertake numerical ice-sheet modelling research. 287 more words

We Are the Bricholeurs: A Beginning

The air in the pale blue, second-floor room of the English building is heavy with uncertainty, anticipation, and a pinch of anxiety. Thirteen strangers–all veteran English teachers–unassumingly glance at one another, unconsciously summing up one another. 657 more words


Teachers Go Back to School for Advanced Degrees

By Veronica Tarka

Students at Tolton are encouraged to challenge themselves academically, but the teachers are also pursuing their own academic endeavors. Coach Bryndyn Crutcher, Ms. 796 more words


Why you should think twice before you read a book that's more than 25 years old...

This is unsolicited advice for Ph.D. and M.A. students. Others can read at their own risk.

Also note that this advice is fight-picking advice. My senior colleagues–especially the self-described curmudgeon who thinks that all historical scholarship has gone downhill since 1968–will most certainly disagree with what I have to say here. 708 more words