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Going Greek

I never had even the slightest intention of going Greek when I packed up my bags in England to spend a year abroad in America, mainly because I had no idea what they were or what they did… However, as fate would have it, two of my new flat mates were members of a sorority so they quickly sorted out my lack of knowledge on the subject. 357 more words

Close Encounter of the Binary Kind

No, I don’t mean visits from alien computers.  ;-)  I mean that the first radar images of asteroid 2004 BL86, which flew by Earth earlier today, are in — and it’s got a companion.   95 more words


Week 6, Days 6 & 7

Drill; mostly administrative. Periodic Health Assessment–nurse dug around in my arms for a vein.

Failed bodyfat for the first time; I’ll have to take corrective measures–probably supplementation. 6 more words

Daily Training Log


– Sắp tới, phà ngưng chạy, con về Đức Huệ luôn, không lên đây bán nữa!

Giọng tỉnh rụi pha lẫn chút tươi vui đáng ngạc nhiên của chú bé bán vé số giúp tôi thôi trôi lăn trong những vùng ký ức xôn xao để trở về thực tại. 1,796 more words

Hoài Niệm