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AotHM: 1620 Geographos II

1620 Geographos was a special place in space history, figuratively and literally. It was targeted by 1994’s Clementine, the first deep space probe of the modern era. 2,031 more words


Actually biodegradable?

(Part 1: What about bioplastics?)

(Part 2: Plastic and recycling)

So what’s the deal with biodegradable plastic then? And is it the same as bioplastic? 670 more words


The Initiative: Botanic Gardens

***Green team goes energetic to reach its ultimate aim***


Green team as a pollution concerned NGO has channelized all its efforts for the aim of gathering funds to sustain the project it has initiated.

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Asteroid of the Half-Month: 1620 Geographos I

The 1980s can be thought of as the decade when asteroid studies (and to an extent comets) broke open. The Palomar-Leiden program had found lots of new targets, using photographic plates; the promise of digital sensitivities (via the new CCD detectors) meant lots more on the way. 1,755 more words


Plastic and recycling

(Part 1: What about bioplastics?)

So let’s start with how conventional plastic is made. The raw material is crude oil, which is separated in oil refineries into different fractions. 747 more words


Download Game Ban Bi Pha Khoi 99

05/03/2015 Street Fighter inspired MUGEN game, and much more programs. The king of fighters 99 game free download Download game ban bi pha khoi 99 Street Fighter inspired MUGEN game, and much more programs. 589 more words


PHA Market Analysis 2012-2017 and Forecast 2018-2023

Polyhydroxyalkanoates(PHAs) are naturally-occurring polymers produced by bacteria. A variety of bacterial species produce PHAs by fermenting biomass under nutrient-limiting conditions. These water-insoluble storage polymers are biodegradable, exhibit thermoplastic properties and can be produced from renewable carbon sources found in plants. 457 more words