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Can you still see Starman?

Apparently, with sufficiently powerful optics and a bit of planning, the answer is “yes”.  Astronomers are now unofficially competing to see who can spot it the farthest away.   122 more words


Show your heart some love

February is the heart month!

Its 14th day is one of the special dates of the year — especially for couples — to show their admiration and appreciation to people they give importance through exchanging letters or chocolates and even having fancy dates and exorbitant gifts. 218 more words


Glossier Solutions - Review

Solution – Exfoliating Skin Perfector

As soon as the email popped into my inbox ‘Meet Solution” I was hooked. Within a minute it was added to my basket and I was ready to order it. 495 more words


Glossier Solution

Does Glossier really release a new product if I’m not here to gush about it? Up until now, Glossier’s skin care line has always been very simple, calming and gentle. 370 more words


Kartell takes a 2% stake in Bio-on with a 10 million euro investment

There is a new partnership in the Italian bioeconomy. Bio-on, a leading player in the new eco-sustainable chemical industry, signed a strategic agreement with Kartell, through its parent company Felofin which takes a 2% stake in Bio-on with a 10 million euro investment. 496 more words


Bạn Đã Biết Cách Pha Bột Trà Xanh Đắp Mặt Đạt Hiệu Quả Lý Tưởng?

Công thức pha bột trà xanh đắp mặt đơn giản nhưng nếu sai có thể phản tác dụng. Tuy nhiên, với những cách chăm sóc da lão hóa với mặt nạ dưới đây có thể mang đến những công dụng trên cả tuyệt vời mà bạn chưa khám phá. 15 more words

Dụng Cụ Pha Trà - 1

Bộ dụng cụ pha trà matcha là một dụng cụ không thể thiếu trong các buổi lễ trà Đạo, hay tiệc trà của người Nhật. 10 more words