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Dishing with Dee....Geoduck - how do you say that?

Ok, I thought this one was just kind of funny and wanted to talk about it ;) Today when I logged onto my Amazon account, one of the books that showed up in my recommendations was “Geoducks Are For Lovers” by Daisy Prescott. 189 more words

Dishing With Dee

A Book Is A Condom.

“I’m sure the only act that sells more books than a good banning is a good burning.”
~ Pansy Schneider-Horst

EBook reading devices are like telephones in call centres. 442 more words


Football Logos As Phallic Symbols?

There are a couple of things the internet is great for…online shopping, real-time news update, creating social engagement, and cat videos. The internet is also really good at turning something innocent into something perverted. 151 more words



sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, according to Freud

but I know of at least one fountain that is not just a fountain

look at this… 27 more words


Films - A Clockwork Orange

I am planning to write a semi regular blog looking at films which feature some sort of comedy cock. These will not include real penises or actors who are dicks. 231 more words

Clockwork Orange