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Princess Avoids the World


The Princess of the Labyrinth can’t let go of the doctor, even though he says there is nothing wrong with her.

Hearing that cheery old chum Rolf Harris was convicted of sexual abuse of children, one as young as seven, the Princess has put on her gas mask and refuses to engage with a world where things like this happen. 195 more words

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Bertie Examines New Horizons With His Sharp Sight


Bertie is moving on from his job at the Soda Pop Factory, to discover his destiny.

While bottling pop today, the word “perspicacious” popped into his mind and wouldn’t leave. 105 more words

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A Knightly Cento


Whisper has been inspired by his friend Bobby to write a cento. It took him a bit of time to fix the mechanism, to create his poem, his collage of magical words. 288 more words

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Scoop Gets Practical


Scoop is quite a dreamer, wanting to spend his time making stories up with his glove puppets and researching the history of puppets in human civilization. 241 more words

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The Three Amigos in the Desert


It’s a slow Monday in Water Cup Desert, but these three chaps have gotten together to sip the soy out of their cheery cups. 136 more words

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Shakin' With Harmony

I decided to revisit a very old friend and use the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot. The stories and soaring wonder of creativity once associated with this deck and a lively study Prince Lenormand and I did with it along with a few other enlightened folk 11 years ago, reverberates down the tunnel of memory. 259 more words

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This Card Reminds of That Enchanted Map

I was struck by a few cards in the Enchanted Map Oracle Cards when I received the deck so thought to have a little ramble as I like to do. 398 more words

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