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Notes, Notes, Notes: Phantasy Star Online

To write a review, you need to take notes. To write an editorial, you need to take notes. To write anything, really, you need to take notes. 471 more words

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Philippines and Singapore, 3 March 2015 – The next chapter in the space-spanning world of Phantasy Star Online 2 is here!

Phantasy Star Online 2 gears up for Episode 2, the next chapter in the PSO2 saga that introduces exciting new features and content. 577 more words


So anyway, Freedom Wars.

Now then.

I’m not sure what Freedom Wars‘ genre is. Anime styled, third person shooting and melee action with a heavy dose of resource management and weapon crafting?  1,201 more words


How to be an awesome guildie

Once upon a time, there was a distant land called Eyrda in a Forsaken World. In this land lived a young elven bard called Asterixion, who upon joining the Lionhearts, ended up also joining a small guild called Aes Sedai. 1,458 more words

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NIX Photoshoot!

Hello guys!

I can’t believe I organized this event and almost forgot to go through with it.

Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year! 351 more words


Should I try Destiny?

Man, I’ve been through all 5 stages with this PSO2 situation. From the onset of it’s delay:

1: Denial.

Pff, it’s probably nothing! We all know Sega’s kinda retarded these days, they probably forgot that this is the season for the release date, yah know? 404 more words

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Life imitates (Sword) Art (Online) as Japanese gamers find they can’t log out of online RPG

The big selling point of online multiplayer role-playing games that they never end. Unlike a stand-alone, single-player RPG with a comparatively distinct path from start to finish, the adventure in online titles can go on indefinitely, thanks to periodically added extra content and the huge supply of new companions to go questing with. 515 more words