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The Top 5 Dream HD Re-Releases We Probably All Want

With the announcements of Spyro and Shenmue coming back to consoles in the form of HD re-releases (in Spyro’s case, a complete remake) the question becomes, what’s left that needs to see this type of treatment? 448 more words


Jet Grind Radio [Dreamcast] - Review

Having completed Jet Grind Radio for the first time, nearly twenty years after its original release and in spite of my awareness of its cult popularity, I’m nonetheless impressed by how fresh it remains. 938 more words

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Wandering Through The MMORPG Graveyard

Last weekend at my local comic book convention was truly a treat, especially due to the fact that I finally managed to buy a physical copy of Phantasy Star Zero! 549 more words

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Supergirl, No Game No Life


No Game No Life, Phantasy Star Online 2, Catwoman!

Based on the popular TV series Supergirl! ARTFX+ Supergirl stands at 1/10 scale and has magnets under her feet for stability when displayed on the included metal display base. 236 more words


Weird Commercials From The 90s: Phantasy Star Online

Having just talking about the oddity that was the Batman OnStar commercials, I thought I’d discuss another oddball advertisement. I’m of course talking about the often forgotten original trailer for Phantasy Star Online. 1,284 more words

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Your Dungeon-Looting Preference: Part Two

Over the last several months I’ve been trying Tom Clancy’s: The Division on and off, and with Destiny 2 coming along I guess I can talk about loot-oriented action RPGs… 795 more words