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Phantasy Star

Everybody’s put on their Sunday finest.

Wow, it’s almost as if Sega decided to put effort into this cover.


PUBLISHER: Sega… 1,688 more words


Phantasy Star

The other day my girlfriend sees me sitting on the couch, sketching on graph paper in a notebook, with several pages torn out and laying about covered in similar sketches. 505 more words


WIP - Our Lady of the Genome

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… okay, it was two years ago. I had the strangest urge to dig deep into my childhood and create tribute artwork of some of the game characters I used to love, re-imagined with a more contemporary concept art aesthetic, as a kind of “what would this character have looked like if the creators had more pixels to play with” kind of deal. 198 more words


The Thing We Never Heard Of Apparently Doesn't Sell Well: SEGA & Localization Mishaps With Video Games

Through a pleasant conversation between myself and a blogger by the name of Vahrkalla I came onto the topic yet again of the problem with Sega localization and to some degree a decent portion of localization efforts. 1,091 more words


More captures

Tested out a couple more systems. Below are videos from my RGB-modded Intellivision and my FM sound-modded Sega Master System (both captured via SCART converted to HDMI). 150 more words


ARCHIVE: Phantasy Star - Part 5

weakness in the same dungeon as the boss, wouldn’t you say?

Day 7

So it’s the end of my Phantasy Star “week”, so to speak. With the helpful proddings of the walkthroughs, I found the hovercraft, and wondered if maybe I… 2,151 more words

Classic Marathons

ARCHIVE: Phantasy Star - Part 4

Screenshots in this journal are taken from Valis77’s longplay of Phantasy Star, available at World of Longplays and on YouTube

Day 5

I hate being lost in this game. 2,590 more words

Classic Marathons