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5 Things I hated about the Sega Master System

So, I asked my younger brother for blog ideas for today’s post. He came up with some great ideas such as: “5 things I pretended were cool to placate someone else” 1,440 more words


A history of Vita games: Filling the Monster Hunter-shaped hole

While the PSP definitely got off to a flying start in terms of sales thanks to the promise of console quality gaming on the go, things took a downturn in the following years due to a variety of factors including increasing competition from the DS & phones and a lack of quality exclusives. 3,128 more words


Back and Forth, The Dance Goes On - Sega Genesis - Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom - 1991

Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom
Sega Genesis
Genre: Sci-Fi Role-Playing

There are elements that a series needs to hold its own after a number of iterations.   3,368 more words

A Deeper Shade of Inky Black - Sega Genesis - Phantasy Star II - 1990

Phantasy Star II
Sega Genesis
Genre: Sci-Fi Role Playing

Having recently played through the original Phantasy Star recently, I can say that it took a lot of steps to revolutionize role-playing games and was quite ambitious for the time.   2,609 more words

Every Good Rebellion Has a Rough Beginning - Sega Master System - Phantasy Star - 1988

Phantasy Star
Sega Master System
Genre: Role-Playing Game

When people talk about fantastic role-playing games from the 16-bit era, the same answers tend to crop up- Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana- but rarely do you hear a game from the Sega corner of the universe first out of a gamer’s mouth.   1,884 more words