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HUGE Bead sprites! GlaDos and Alis

Giant Bead Sprites. These are 2 more of the largest sprites I’ve done. I did a giant megaman a while ago for a video game shop and I’m pretty sure that was the largest I’ve done. 119 more words

Brand New and Official Artwork for Classic Sega Games

I love reminders that there are still many people out there who love classic video games. What’s happening over at Cook & Becker right now is an excellent example of this. 447 more words


Bungie was Inspired by SEGA !

This one is for all you internet conspiracy theorists out there. As more Details started to emerge back in 2013 about Bungie’s new game Destiny I couldn’t help but feel a sense of Deja vu creeping up on me. 1,393 more words

Video Game Reviews

F is for Fantasy

I consider Project Quintessence to be primarily science fiction, but it does have fantasy elements. It’s just, the “magic” and golems are given “scientific” explanations, making it more soft sci-fi. 448 more words


SegaDoes Episode 22: Phantasy Star and The End of Gaming as We Know It

Holy crap and a peanut, it’s been awhile. Thanks for your patience!

On this episode, the long-awaited discussion about Phantasy Star. And some other games! 95 more words