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Royal Finds: Phantasy Star Portable 2

One of my overall goals is to play every single game for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable. Now that I have a new job (which is why I haven’t updated in nearly a month), I can start proactively collecting some of the rarer games I come across. 432 more words


Phantasy Star (1988 Sega Master System)

Cousin gaming continues grinding through the Sega Master System library! This time i played Sega’s answer to Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Phantasy Star was a must get game at the time, a game that probably moved more Sega Master System consoles than any other game on the system.  1,278 more words


Dropping mock2Launcher

So I have decided to drop the mock2launcher project as my situation at work has become more involved.  What I have worked on is a GUI modification of the PSO2 Tweaker.   164 more words

Phantasy Star

Sweet As Syrup: Phantasy Star Zero Review

I’ve been talking about Phantasy Star on this blog quite a bit as of late. This Phantasy Star marathon was only going to encompass the 5 Phantasy Star games that I played, but I recently played through a sixth game: Phantasy Star Zero. 1,679 more words

Sweet As Syrup

Phantasy Star II: Part One

The first meeting between Prince and Madonna.

Every inch of those hints is necessary.




GENRE: RPG… 1,518 more words


Played Phantasy Star Zero For The First Time Ever

I’ll be honest, I found this game immensely satisfying for what it was. I enjoyed it even though it was effectively a kid-friendly version of a classic MMO. 79 more words

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