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First Impressions: Phantasy Star Online 2 (PlayPark English Version)

Sega news doesn’t get much cooler or more random than what happened yesterday with Phantasy Star Online 2. As you may know, PSO2 does, in fact, have a localized English version. 590 more words

Phantasy Star

Clearing The Backlog: Chronological Game Challenge Pt 6

And so we continue with our adventures in playing all the video games. For those who don’t know, I have been playing through every game I own in order of original release, from the bleeps and bloops of the NES to the HD sheen of the PS4. 2,346 more words


It's Alive!!! Phantasy Star as it always should have been... by SMSPower.org

If I had a top 10 list of favorite games for the Sega Master System Phantasy Star would be #1. And despite the English version still being┬áthe amazing game┬áthat it is I know for a fact that it’s not everything that the Japanese version is. 918 more words


Project X Zone 2 new trailer

I liked the first one even with it’s flaws, and it seems they might be fixing some of those this time around.

Note it says “and more”, so don’t go assuming this is everybody in the game (or even every game that it has characters from) like I’ve seen some people do. 268 more words


Our Lady of the Genome

It’s finally finished! …Or, it’s as close as it’s probably going to get considering I am burnt out.

A 16″ x 20″ colored pencil/metallic pencil/watercolor/collage/Art Nouveau/HR Giger/Matrix self-indulgence of a fanart piece of the very old, very hard, and very awesome Sega Genesis game, Phantasy Star 2. 58 more words


Final Phantasy Star Fourty Seven

So. Finally, and after much heated and over-enthused fan speculation, Square-Enix have decided that at long last the time is right for a remake of their opus… 394 more words

Final Fantasy