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Action 892 - Luthor vs Deathstroke, and a Superboy promo

Cornell and Woods are joined by Pere Perez as Luthor goes in search of a black sphere in Action 892 (Oct. 10).

Luthor finds a concentration of the black ring energy in the arctic, and an exploration does not take long to find it.  252 more words

Action 585 - Superman and the Phantom Stranger vs mud

A month before the Legends crossover series begins, the Phantom Stranger, who will play a major role in that, gets a re-introduction of sorts in his team-up with Superman in Action 585 (Feb.87), by Byrne and Giordano. 144 more words

Showcase Presents The Phantom Stranger Vol. 2

First Published: March 2008

Contents: The Brave and the Bold #89 (April-May 1970) and #98 (October-November 1971); Justice League of America #103 (December 1972); The Phantom Stranger… 513 more words

DC Showcase Presents

The Phantom Stranger Faces Judgement In Our Exclusive Preview Of 'Phantom Stranger: Future's End' #1

The Phantom Stranger has spent centuries working to expunge his sins. And now, he’s back for final judgement… but his jury isn’t who he expects, in this exclusive preview. 166 more words