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Thank God: Big Pharma [Slowly] Murdering Hillary Clinton

“Questions about the health of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continue to swirl… Recently released emails by the whistleblower website Wiki Leaks plainly show that… 217 more words


EpiPen may still be too cheap

Pick up a newspaper or surf the web and you’ll find story after story taking Mylan to task for EpiPen pricing practices. The list price of a 2-pack has soared from about $100 to $600 over the past decade. 611 more words

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EpiPen CEO, Just Another Pharma Scam Artist

News recently  broke that Mylan, the makers of the life-saving EpiPen increased their prices by 400% over the last few years.  Politicians put on their best fake outrage face and went on the attack.   274 more words


Mylan Halves EpiPen Price After Being Savaged by Clinton

Mylan NV @mylan said it would reduce the patient cost of its severe allergy treatment drug EpiPen on Thursday, a day after Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for lower pricing of the drug. 272 more words


Clovis Oncology Higher After NDA

CLVS Weekly Chart

CLVS Daily Chart

Clovis Oncology (CLVS) shares shot up more than 30 percent today after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration accepted the company’s New Drug Application (NDA) for accelerated approval of rucaparib, an anti-cancer agent. 274 more words


Fast Food Land.

I’m not a fan of fast food.  I love it sometimes, but I’m ashamed to admit it.  I live in Sacramento where there are  fast food joints and a gas station on every street and corner.   1,466 more words


Profits Over People

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I like Capitalism. Compared to all the other choices, it’s the best. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its flaws.

I also like having money. 1,351 more words