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Pharmaceutical Industry: Friend or Foe?

With our current pandemic, it has shown a spotlight on the pharmaceutical industry. Some have cast it has altruistic and others have shown it has a money hungry industry. 733 more words

'A second round of the CV is inevitable' says Fauci - UNMASKING the global health mafia protection racket (Amazing Polly)

You’ll be astounded. Polly makes all the plandemic connections from behind the scenes. Featuring largely of course are our ‘friends’ Bill & Melinda. Always with their fingers in the ‘health’ aka family planning aka eugenics aka depopulation pies. 255 more words


Tuesday 30 June

Another week into less than quasi-lockdown and, ahead of significant easing of restrictions, eg pubs, restaurants, museums and galleries allowed to open from Saturday (badged Independence Day in Cummingsese), government gaffes and errors of judgement continue to come thick and fast. 1,700 more words

When big pharma meets addictive medications - Opioids, Inc.

I discovered the documentary above on my twitter feed:

This @frontlinepbs documentary on the players who pushed fentanyl-based painkillers is as compelling as it is infuriating — and a reminder that the opioid epidemic continues to rage.

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A pharmaceutical strategy for Europe: First steps

Written by Nicole Scholz,

On 1 June 2020, the European Commission published a roadmap for a pharmaceutical strategy for Europe. The strategy will have the overall goal of ensuring Europe’s supply of safe and affordable medicines and supporting the European pharmaceutical industry’s innovation efforts. 1,292 more words


COVID-19 Implications for pharma: US payer insights


What are the implications for pharma as COVID-19 forces fundamental change in US payer practice and policy?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique set of challenges for US payers. 249 more words

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