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Former Big-Pharma Sales Rep Exposes The Sinister Industry

“We are trained to misinform,” says whistle-blower-turned-activist Gwen Olsen

Gwen Olsen used to deal drugs. She earned a lot of money doing it, and didn’t think about quitting until her niece, Megan Blanchard, died after a long period of severe depression and mental illness while on a cocktail of narcotics. 353 more words


Microsites in Pharmaceuticals: Meta-Moments & Brand Promotion

After working in the world of pharmaceuticals for the past six years, I’ve become what one may call “immune” to all the media around me in healthcare related fields. 355 more words



The importance of manners, by David Hunt

Speak when spoken to, remember your please & thank-yous, and listen to others – all important lessons I’m determined to teach my son, Hudson. 288 more words



Creativity, More Important Than Ever by David Hunt

You can have a strong brand & commitment to fulfil it. You can have the necessary culture to respond in a real fashion. 271 more words

Healthcare Communications

Last Week Tonight Takes You Into The World Of Marketing to Doctors

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is back!  And to start off season two, John Oliver takes you into the world of pharmaceutical companies marketing to doctors you know.   141 more words

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John Oliver Exposes The Outrageous Practices Of Big Pharmaceutical Companies

Last Week Tonight’s second season debuted with John Oliver taking on one of the most powerful industries on Earth: Big Pharma.

This segment exposes the dark side of pharmaceutical marketing and points a light on companies whose goals are clearly to make money, not help people recover from illness. 65 more words


Can Marketing Be Life Threatening? Allegations of Unethical Practices by Pharmaceutical Firms

In separate lawsuits, brought in Illinois and California, local authorities have charged that five large pharmaceutical firms behaved illegally in promoting painkilling drugs to consumers and healthcare providers. 482 more words

Chapter 06: Consumer Behavior