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Cost, Volume and Mix: The Three Headed Monster of Pharmaceutical Spending in the United States

Unsurprisingly, the US spends way more than any other nation per capita on drugs. As a share of GDP, the US ranks 4th behind Hungary, Greece and the Slovak Republic—countries with economies so small that a GDP comparison is useless. 550 more words


Dark Star

Much news about Muslims in France recently. Unfortunately, it is all so very difficult to deal with. Brought back a bittersweet memory from eight years ago. 448 more words


Increased Number of Specialty Drugs Gives Insurers a Headache

As researchers have succeeded in finding treatments for many chronic medical conditions, the specialty drug market has likewise seen significant growth. Pharmaceutical companies are focusing more intently than ever on developing and bringing to market highly specialized medications to delay disease progression, alleviate symptoms, or even cure certain illnesses. 232 more words

Shahram Shirkhani

To fight antibiotic resistance, we may have to pay the hugely profitable pharma industry even more

Despite the fear that resistance to existing antibiotics may soon kill millions every year, the pipeline of new antibiotics has seen a long-term decline.

The solution to this paradoxical problem, set out in the… 482 more words

"Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed"*...

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This map of medicinal plants depicts one or two important species that grew in each state in 1932, identifying the plant as native or cultivated and describing its medical uses.

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Modern pharmaceutical science is less than 200 years old while the natural medicine science, with field trials, is thousands of years older.