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Drugmakers Manipulate Orphan Drug Rules To Create Prized Monopolies

More than 30 years ago, Congress overwhelmingly passed a landmark health bill aimed at motivating pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs for people whose rare diseases had been ignored. 4,160 more words

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Timeline: The Orphan Drug Act

Follow the twists and turns of the orphan drug industry over the past three decades. Key moments in the history of orphan drugs range from a pivotal TV show to the AIDS crisis and a private meeting in a bathroom on Capitol Hill. 37 more words

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Video: Former U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman Shares Deep Concerns About Orphan Drugs

Former U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman spoke with KHN reporter Sarah Jane Tribble about how the orphan drug program helps patients but can be abused by drugmakers seeking profits. 30 more words

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Should We Import Prescription Drugs From Canada?

To answer the question directly — Yes! Technically, it’s illegal for people in the U.S. to import prescription medication. The law is generally not enforced when people buy 90-day supplies for personal use, particularly if the drug is… 1,352 more words


Understanding government negotiation of Medicare drug prices

In a weekend interview with the Washington Post, Donald Trump vowed to force drug companies to negotiate directly with the government on prices in Medicare and Medicaid.  951 more words

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All You Need is a Career Manifesto

Coming Next:  Let’s talk about career aspirations and how to meet them.


What is Eating Pharma Market Access & Pricing?

What is the meaning of the pharmaceutical market access? Market access is the process to ensure that all appropriate patients who would benefit, get rapid and maintained access to the brand, at the right price. 824 more words