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Solution Manual for Pharmacology for Nurses 5th Edition by Adams Holland Urban

Solution Manual for Pharmacology for Nurses 5th Edition by Michael Patrick Adams, Norman Holland, and Carol Urban

Instant download Pharmacology for Nurses 5th Edition by Michael Patrick Adams, Norman Holland, and Carol Urban Solution Manual after payment… 670 more words


Forensic pharmacokinetics

Have a look at this document – Trial of Conrad Murray  – a most fascinating read which illustrates some interesting pharmacokinetics. There are two expert witness reports in this document – read the brief letter from Paul White to Mr Flanagan first, ponder the below questions, then read the prolix submission from Steven Schafer where you’ll find a lot more detail and most of the answers. 77 more words


Revision plan

Term ended last Friday and due to me needing a 1st (A or 3.7-4.0 GPA for my American readers) in my January and in particular, a high 1st (A+ or 3.9-4.0 GPA) in my Biochemistry module because of my atrocious coursework mark, it’s of vital importance that I study effectively during the christmas holiday. 735 more words


Bicarbonate in cardiac arrest

By: Casey Carr

The Background

The routine use of sodium bicarbonate during cardiac arrest and respiratory acidemia has been increasingly controversial. During the 1960’s, with the advent of CPR, multiple animal and in vitro studies noted that acidosis was frequently encountered in prolonged periods of cardiac arrest, and that myocardium was less sensitive to catecholamine stimulation during acidosis. 423 more words


Psych meds 101: Antipsychotics

Welcome to the second post of my psych meds 101 series on how psychiatric medications work, this time focusing on antipsychotics.  In these posts I’m bringing together my knowledge as a mental health nurse, ex-pharmacist, and gal with depression who’s tried a boatload of meds, and hopefully putting out something that will make it easier to understand the nuts and bolts underlying the meds that so many of us take.   1,444 more words

What does Adrenergic and Cholinergic mean?

When it comes to terms like Cholinergic, Anticholinergic, Adrenergic, etc. I find myself in a sea of double negatives and symptoms swirling about so much so that I lose my footing. 448 more words