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Pharmacology Test 2 study guide:

Finally the test two study guide is here. The list has information the was given to us as well as supplementary info that I think is important. 2,763 more words


Secondary Complications of Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

A thirty eight year old female smoker was admitted via A+E following sudden onset occipital headache with visual disturbance and collapse with loss of consciousness lasting approximately five minutes. 1,292 more words

Case Summary

Pharm Session 6:

Hey guys, here is the last notes session before the second test. It goes over anti-epileptic, sedatives and hypnotics. So benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and the anti-epileptics. There is a good deal missing from these, but I will follow up with my next post which is the filled out study guide. 633 more words


New Oral Anticoagulants vs Warfarin

An educational video covering;
– The mechanism of action of Warfarin
– The mechanism of action of new oral anticoagulants; Dabigatran, Rixaroxaban and Apixaban
– The limitations of Warfarin in anticoagulation therapy… 16 more words


Steroids in Cervical Spine Injury

A previously fit and well 46 year-old was admitted via the emergency department having sustained a neck injury whilst horse riding. She was unable to move her arms and legs immediately after the fall.  957 more words

Case Summary

Antifungal Drugs Flowchart

CLICK FOR Azole; Allylamine; Polyene antibiotics PDF COPY: Antifungal Drugs flowchart

*its Allylamine

CLICK FOR Echinocandins; Flucytosine; Greseofulvin PDF COPY: Antifungal Drugs flowchart 1

Reference: MLD, MD Antifungal drugs 2015


How I Passed my Third Year at the Medical University of Gdansk

With the changes to the curriculum that our university is making, third year has suddenly become one of the most difficult years of study in our medical program. 1,633 more words