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Riding the PEP-Train

I’m on PEP again.

And I’m angry. And miserable. But mostly angry.

Because I’m careful. I am so, SO careful all the time, but others are not. 671 more words

Real Medicine

Lithium side effects


  • Lethargy / Leukocytosis
  • Intension (or fine) tremor
  • Teratogenic
  • Hypothyroidism – need to check TFTs
  • Insipidus (diabetes) – need to check U&Es
  • Urinary frequency/excess
  • Metallic taste

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Drugs That Affect the INR

Drugs that increase the INR and risk of bleed

Medications in italics are liver enzyme inhibitors and increase the INR. They act very quickly (can… 270 more words

Morning Report

Pharm FOAM- where to get more of it?

Introducing Emily Wiener, completing her Doctor of Pharmacy degree, here to fill us in on all things pharm.

According FOAMedstudent.com’s poll, pharm resources are in high demand amongst med students. 455 more words



A 74-year-old man has not been able to pass urine today, but had been able to do so normally the previous 2 days. Physical examination is remarkable for a blood pressure of 175/90 mm Hg. 311 more words


Job hunting

Actually, I changed my mind several times as to what career I want. I started out considering being a doctor. Then I changed my mind to settling for being a researcher. 335 more words