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Pharmacokinetics in 20 minutes

For all those starting anaesthetics the thought of understanding pharmacokinetics is often daunting! However once you have the basics the rest is as simple as memorising ‘Peck and Hill’. 58 more words


Nursing interactions with Pharmacology

This is my overview of two early topics in nursing Pharmacology. It is my first real post and I will continue to change the duration of each post and the information density to get you guys the best content possible. 1,083 more words


Renal Tubular Acidosis

From: http://www.anaesthesiamcq.com/AcidBaseBook/ab8_5.php

The table below provides a useful summary of some of the key points in differentiating the types of renal tubular acidosis. 51 more words



Non-reabsorbable sugar -> osmotic diuretic

inhibits water reabsportion in proximal convuluted tubule (mainly), as well as thing descending loop and collecting ducts

Water loss>>electrolyte loss… 173 more words

Peri-op Management

Importance in Pharmacology to use Ethnobotanical Principles

Well believe it or not, something discovered in psychedelic chemistry which is one of the fundamental Human Aspects of the wilderness and how it adapts as plants an animals in a more or less biosphere on our planet which is an important attribute in pharmacology is that in psychedelic chemistry when the chemist takes the first doses of a new chemical, he then has to search for it cursors in the wilderness in plants and animals to see if the chemical has directly or indirectly reproduced itself in adaption to the living force of the ecosystem and the chemist and idiopathic nature of the two how even in our urban sprawl we are still entwined dimensionally and physically! 189 more words



Hey guys,

Worked a shift at UIHC with a resident who got a lactate on a hemodynamically stable asthmatic, and it came back at 4.6.  Repeat arterial lactate similar.   123 more words

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