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Regular excess drinking can take years off your life, study finds

Regularly drinking above the UK alcohol guidelines can take years off your life,according to a major report.

The study of 600,000 drinkers estimated that having 10 to 15 alcoholic drinks every week could shorten a person’s life by between one and two years. 474 more words


US soldier gets world's first penis and scrotum transplant

A team of US doctors has successfully carried out the world’s first total transplant of a penis and scrotum.

Surgeons at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, performed the operation on a soldier who had been wounded by a bomb in Afghanistan. 406 more words


Classification of anti rheumatoid Drugs


I. Disease modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs)

A. Nonbiological drugs:

i). Immunosuppressants:

Methotrexate, Azathioprine, Cyclosporine

ii). Sulfasalazine

iii). Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine

iv). Leflunomide

B. Biological agents: 23 more words


Anti-Rheumatoid Drugs

These are drugs which (except corticosteroids), can suppress the rheumatoid process, bring about a remission and retard disease progression, but do not have nonspecific antiinflammatory or analgesic action. 260 more words