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The potter and the clay

“Of course I can almost hear your retort: “If this is so, and God’s will is irresistible, why does God blame men for what they do?” But the question really is this: “Who are you, a man, to make any such reply to God?” When a craftsman makes anything he doesn’t expect it to turn round and say, ‘Why did you make me like this?’ The potter, for instance, is always assumed to have complete control over the clay, making with one part of the lump a lovely vase, and with another a pipe for sewage. 677 more words

W.O.W.! The Lesson in the Wait

Be patient.

I can’t count how many times I have been advised to just…be patient. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. During those moments of frustration, I identify with… 628 more words


Bayek of Siwa is the Protagonist Video Games Need

I mentioned in my Game of the Year article about Persona 5 a few weeks ago that I hadn’t had a chance to play a lot of new games in 2017. 2,150 more words

From The Hawk's Eye

Parshat Va'eira - Moshe's Speech Impediment?

In Parshat Shmoth (4.10) Moshe describes himself to Hashem as, literally “not a man of words.” The word “d’varim” is related to prophetic speech, concerning the Commandments of HaShem, not ordinary (amar) speech which explains the prophetic words of HaShem. 590 more words

Conflict Resolution

The Midwife's Struggle

Gatekeepers two, they guard portals of

Life birthing, engaged in bloody struggles

With Leviathan’s jaw crunching they

Lose battles and wrestle new life from

Chaos’ grip. 65 more words