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Allen Dusk

Her face hovers close enough that every warm breath she expels caresses my cheek. Her lips glisten with each passing circle of her tongue. Scenarios of her mouth descending upon my most intimate regions consume all my cognition.

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What Eliza Thinks

Chapter 20 – Ta Ha – Verses 42 – 44

Continued from verses 37 – 41 …


These pictures are an excerpt from the book Teaching Kids The Holy Quran – Surah 20: Ta Ha… 61 more words

Lost King (The Omar Zagouri Thrillers #2) by Heather Moore

I am a sucker for historical fiction and thrillers, as well as being fascinated by all things Ancient Egypt so when I read this blurb, I just knew I had to dive in… 378 more words

Book Review

Pulpit Pharaohs: Let God’s People Go

Lately, I have been hearing pastors complain about how streaming services have led to a decrease in attendance due to the use of technology. They suppose the advent of the internet is the problem, but what they are experiencing are symptoms, not root causes. 688 more words

Strait Up Talk For Adults

Sura 20 - Taha (Taha)

  • Revealed At  :  Makka
  • Sura  :  20
  • Part  :  16
  • Total Verses :  135
In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent And Lenient… 2,028 more words
Quran In Plain English