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From Abraham to Exodus

Table 1: Timeline showing dates from God’s promise to Abraham to the exodus from Egypt. 206 more words

Old Testament

God of All Grace

For years, the Israelites had enjoyed freedom, prosperity, and growth in the land of Egypt until A new king came to power in Egypt who didn’t know Joseph. 769 more words



I accidentally posted this story on the wrong site – so apologies to anybody following both, i’m just putting this here for the sake of consistency. 214 more words



He sat down, cross legged upon a mountain and watched as the storm clouds rolled in.  He had lived for thousands of years, but had never seen anything more beautiful.  186 more words

Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers

An Egyptian Pharoah guides a French doctor to Islam

By: Selma Mejahabeen Shajahan

Firaun was an Egyptian king in the era of Prophet Musa . He hated the tribe Bani Israaeel (the tribe of Prophet Musa ) ,as he was told that a boy from that clan will destroy the kingdom of Firaun. 1,529 more words


God's Got Your Back

Morning Thought: Abraham journeyed by faith, yet fear was still in his heart. Fear didn’t disqualify him, nor did God stop his loving guidance. However, the Lord wanted to remove his fears. 74 more words

Morning Thought

God Will Establish His Word In You

The dream of Pharoah was repeated because God has established it and it will come to pass soon. 56 more words

Daily Thanksgiving Devotion