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In my last two Favor Factor articles, I discussed Faith Based Favor which is favor that has been activated by grace in some instances and in others it is… 851 more words


Rohingya Muslims; Is democracy The New Firaun?

Bani Israel (Children of Israel) suffered immense persecution from Fir’aun (Pharaoh), where they were put into slavery and had a meagre existence and suffered immense oppression at the hand of one of histories great tyrants. 638 more words

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An Evening in the Company of Nouman Ali Khan

Well-known and loved Islamic speaker Nouman Ali Khan was in Jeddah last week and spoke to a select audience at a local mosque in the run up to Ramadan. 1,132 more words


Oh please, can it get any more cheezy? They claim victory of the NWO... and this is how!

De reden dat ik dit bericht grondig bekeken heb, is omdat het relatief veel aandacht kreeg. Ik waarschuw vooraf, dit artikel is vreemd. De hele New World Order hangt van gekkigheid aan elkaar. 970 more words


King just for a day

American Pharoah spent his formative months in my backyard. My boyfriend and I live on the property where he was raised from a young foal to a weanling, although now it is under new ownership. 1,051 more words

triple crown winner american pharoah

for  alot of horse racing fans

seeing a   horse  accomplish the triple crown

was a  incredible moment and   how it seemed

like it might not ever happen and now  what? 92 more words

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