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In the End

We claim our lives and the planet as “ours, ours, ours” and in the end we’ll be soil just like all the kings, emperors, and pharaohs. 46 more words


What Happens When God's Messengers Challenge Authority?

“Then a new king, to whom Joseph meant nothing, came to power in Egypt.” Exodus 1:8

The story of Moses begins where the story of Joseph ends: in Egypt. 267 more words


Why did God used to think that there were a pantheon of imaginary Gods that he had to wage war in heaven against?

Why was God fighting a pantheon of non-existent Gods? Gods that God claimed didn’t exist and God’s that he wasn’t even able to defeat and who he lost major battles to. 292 more words

Numbers 23:27 - 24:35 - On November 9th, The Day After, God Will Still Be God!

Numbers 23:27-24:35

Balaam’s Third and Fourth Messages

On November 9, 2016, it will be a Wednesday. It will be a Wednesday like any other to you and me where we have to get up to go to school or to work or to our daily chores in our home. 2,837 more words

Book Of Numbers

Miracle Mayhem, God Wins by Knockout: Reflections from Exodus 11-15:21

At First Glance – Read Exodus 11-15:21
The miracles continue! For the Egyptians you could say that the terror continues. The worst of the worst happens to each Egyptian household. 1,115 more words

Kabbalah in 100 Words - "Echoes of a distant tide"


Before Moses was born he existed elsewhere,

You could call it an earlier home.

I won’t detail the ins and outs,

Go back to stick and stone. 86 more words

100 Words

Teens and Twenties in the '80s!

1980 – 16-year-old punk rocker

1980 was a great time to be alive — and young! So much great music was exploding on the scene. In fact, so much that I’m still catching up on the more obscure stuff. 190 more words