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"The Children of Amen-Ra"

Most people commonly know “amen,” to be something that is said at the end of a prayer in the Catholic and Protestant faiths, few are aware of its original meaning and reference. 409 more words


Tutankhamen's Tomb set to close in October

The tomb of the famous boy pharoah will be closed in October according to the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry. 62 more words


The Queen that became a Pharoah

Hatshepsut, the sixth pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, one of the few women to rule Egypt as pharaoh, exceptionally.

Hatshepsut was born during a time of Egyptian imperial power and opulence, named the New Kingdom. 362 more words


Standing Still

Have you ever really read the passages about the crossing of the Red Sea? I have, several times. But, today I found something that I had missed every time. 167 more words


If You Can't Win, Cheat

A law has passed in California that now will make its way to the governor for signature. He is most likely to sign it. The law requires pregnancy care centers (those whose mission it is to encourage women not to kill their unborn children) to post in large letters (font size is mandated in the law) information (including phone numbers) as to where women can obtain abortions. 783 more words

Kingdom Of God