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To the Tower

“Some trust in chariots, some in horses but we will remember the name of the Lord our God “ – Psalm 20:7

The Egyptian Pharoah trusted his magicians and sorcerers to outdo Moses in the duel of power. 199 more words



Monday 20th July – St. Apollinaris (opt.mem)


Exodus 14: 5-18

Looking forward to a birthday gift from my best friend and wondering what the long awaited surprise will be. 397 more words

Daily Reflections

'On the Guest List' is Not a Groupie Memoir

My  memoir “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist”

Even though the sub-title clearly reads “Adventures of a Music Journalist” I’ve had a few people assume this book is a groupie book. 1,235 more words


In my last two Favor Factor articles, I discussed Faith Based Favor which is favor that has been activated by grace in some instances and in others it is… 851 more words

Favor Factors

Rohingya Muslims; Is democracy The New Firaun?

Bani Israel (Children of Israel) suffered immense persecution from Fir’aun (Pharaoh), where they were put into slavery and had a meagre existence and suffered immense oppression at the hand of one of histories great tyrants. 638 more words

Current Affairs

An Evening in the Company of Nouman Ali Khan

Well-known and loved Islamic speaker Nouman Ali Khan was in Jeddah last week and spoke to a select audience at a local mosque in the run up to Ramadan. 1,132 more words