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Phase I Chapter 1 page 10

I never could decide if that circle on her wall is a mirror or some part of the holographic projection system.

Phase One

Phase I Chapter 1 Page 9

Did we miss a week? We did. My apologies.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the toys in Em’s bedroom, including the other shelf unit I ended up cropping out.

Phase One

shootSIN 2017

shootSin was first launch in Singapore in 2016. Originally established in 2008 

as Shoot NYC, this event has spread internationally. From Shoot London, Shoot 

Amsterdam to Shoot Gothenburg.  335 more words

Playing with patterns and perspectives. Cuddly Crew, 2017. 35 more words


Antonio Saba Photography

Antonio Saba Photography

Antonio Saba began shooting professionally back in 1987 after receiving his university degree in advertising photography at the European Institute of design in Italy. 402 more words


A day with Phase One

A short while ago I was lucky to attend an event organised by the Flash Centre at a local studio in Worcester. The event was a hand on session with the latest Phase One camera, the impressive sounding IQ3 100MP Trichromatic, rather a mouth full. 255 more words

Phase One, Chapter One, Page 8

While never specifically named in the novel, Patel Vapara was the patriarch of a long running Hindi fik series Harmony. That character had been carefully crafted as a role model for fathers of that time period, and the android we see here was a deliberate emulation both in form and tendencies. 21 more words

Phase One