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Phase One

Here’s the more specific rules of Phase One that I promised. Honestly I haven’t even heard of half the foods on this list. But typing it out made me realize how much food we actually can eat. 438 more words

Phase One

Tony Stark Approved foods

Hola, Avengers!

Tony Stark has lead himself and The Avengers through many major battles against the forces of evil and won every single one so far. 318 more words

Easter Eggs And Interesting Facts

7 reasons why you wouldn't want to mess with Thor

Hey Avengers!

We all know Thor is like a marshmallow. When he isn’t out fighting the evil forces of the nine realms, he is a complete softy, and can sometimes end up looking like a complete dork (Not like that’s makes him any less attractive..) 369 more words

Phase Three

To introduce the new Phase One 100MP Camera System, L&P would like to invite you to join us for an evening with Alexia Sinclair.

Alexia Sinclair
is an award winning Australian Artist and Photographer.
Her distinct style is easily recognizable and highly original.

Using a visual narrative to seduce her audience with each photographic feast, Sinclair’s art is dark and seductive, baroque and symbolic.Her multilayered photographs subtly present contemporary notions of fashion and beauty through innovative digital media, whilst restoring antique notions of classicism, elegance and luxury. 106 more words

Phase One

The SMDV Alpha Speedbox: Lighting on the Go


Technology and development is fast paced in the world of digital photography. Every year (or every other year) manufacturers introduce dozens of new innovative tools and equipment at large photography shows such as Photokina in Germany or Photoplus in New York. 2,209 more words


A Day At Work

I am in a very busy two week video shoot on a variety of topics in a couple of different locations.   This shot was made yesterday in the Luminous-Landscape offices in Indianapolis.   96 more words

Travel - Where Am I

Why I don't support calls to open empty buildings for homeless people

It might seem inhumane, that on a cold, windy, wet night like tonight (Saturday 9th January), on the day that the Argus reports the deaths of three homeless people in Brighton and Hove over Christmas and the New Year, that I oppose the opening of empty buildings for homeless people to sleep in. 575 more words