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The beginning of the end

Ok, so the title of this blog post sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it. But then again, it kind of is a big thing, that thing being writing up your PhD. 1,103 more words


Showcase your initiative at the Festival of Doctoral Research!

Do you have an event, activity or initiative that you would like to promote to the doctoral researcher community? Whether it’s a project you’ve completed, an ongoing initiative, or something you’re planning, we want to hear about it! 226 more words

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Reading list: Mental Health in Academia

As you might have noticed, we’re at the end of Mental Health Awareness Week. Talking to friends and colleagues, I’ve come to the conclusion that most academics either have experienced some mental health issues, or at least know someone who does. 2,225 more words


Top 10 tips for abstract submissions!

Having experienced both success and failure with abstract submissions, I want to share my personal ‘top 10 tips’ for submission to health-related conferences (as that is where I have personal experience) 480 more words

Researcher Skills

Kamu dalam cita-cita

Ternyata sebelum bertemu denganmu aku harus melalui banyak ujian. Aku harus bertemu dengan orang-orang yang salah, harus tersakiti dulu, harus dikhianati dulu. Jika ini belum terlambat, mungkin aku harus menyesal dengan kata ‘pacaran’. 309 more words

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Forth Sem

Memasuki semester 4, tidak banyak yang bisa saya lakukan selain menunggu jadwal prelim selanjutnya. Prelim menjadi boomerang bagi kebanyakan mahasiswa program doktor di kampus kami. Ujian ini adalah uji kualifikasi bagi calon doktor apakah mereka pantas disebut sebagai calon doktor dan layak melanjutkan perkuliahan disemester selanjutnya. 309 more words

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How to Support a Grad Student

How can I support you?

This is a question my partner asks me whenever I feel helpless, depressed, or anxious. Often times, I don’t know how to answer because I struggle to even know what I need in that moment.

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