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The Answer

The answer of everything.

Al-Qur’an Surat Al-An’am: 125.
And do not approach the orphan’s property except in a way that is best until he reaches maturity. 52 more words

Life In Korea

What's in a Title?

Coming up with titles are always tricky. Whether its an op-ed, a new chapter for my dissertation or  simply a blog post- titles are usually the hardest part for me. 569 more words


මව්බිමට ආදරෙන්..

මද පවන සිඹ බලමි
හුරු සුවද නෑ දැනුනේ
නාදුනන මුහුනු මැද
හුරු හිනාවයි හෙව්වේ

රැදී අපෙ ඒ මතකයන්
මා ලගින් හෙවනැල්ල මෙන්
බැල්මකුත් නොහෙලා එවෙත
හිරුට නෙත් ලා හිදිම්

බැස ගියත් හිරු, නොයෙයි
මහ රෑට නින්දේදී
යලිත් ඒ මතකයන්
පාරවයි හද මගේ

මගෙ සුසුම් සිහිලක් වේවා
මග බලන ඔය නෙතට
දකින්නට දින ගනින්නම්
නුඹේ පුරුදු හසරැල්ල


What about that summertime in London?

Good Morning London, you suck!

Its cold, its raining and because I broke my pinky toe last week, I have to wear flip-flops which means I am minutes away from defying evolution and growing fins! 509 more words


Extending my student time

I’ve just received word that my application for a one-year extension to my PhD program has been approved. I’ve known for some time that I was unlikely to be able to finish within what the university calls “standard duration”, but I finally managed to convince my supervisor that I would need an extension. 253 more words

PhD Life

Advisor meetings

I have been in grad school for over four years, which means I have been around the academic block.  I have been through the  research hiccips, funding failures and successes, endless paperwork and necessary signatures, a lot of coffee and ramen noodles, the committee-building process, and of course, dealing with advisors. 591 more words


#1590 - Summer and Vacation


Another thing which I associate summer with the Netherlands, aside from the frequent rain, is vacation.

In the past two or three weeks, my office building has been almost empty, haha :lol: . 637 more words

Zilko's Life