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I'm sitting here in panic

But I continue to procrastinate. And so I create this site. I hope no one that I know in real life would find this place, and even if they do, I hope they never ever speak of it. 316 more words


Week 10: Editing at the Micro-level

Much of the previous weeks’ work focused on macro-level edits – introduction, conclusion, literature review, overall paper structure. At the beginning of the Week 10 chapter, Belcher notes that this is the most difficult type of editing and one that many writers avoid. 284 more words

Graduate School

Photos From Our RSES Adventures. Vol. 4.

This week’s photo installment was going to be the People’s Choice winners! But, one of the winners was featured in volume 1 (A foraminifera catching and beginning to eat a copepod by Dr. 482 more words

PhD Life

Self-Care Tips to Keep You Sane: Reading for Pleasure

At the end of January I wrote about the importance of academic self-care for PhD students; I didn’t delve too far into the specifics of what I do in my downtime and a lot of people asked. 487 more words

PhD Experiences

Week 20

It was unusual that I slept more than 12 hours a day for four consecutive days this week. After waking up, I spent the day reading, writing and teaching, and I still felt sleepy. 146 more words


Breaking (it) down?

Hello again. Before starting this post I want to thank everyone for their great feedback and engagement with the ‘Addicted to our desks?’ series. It was a real pleasure to write and I’m so glad that it was well received and helpful. 1,190 more words

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