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Am I an imposter?

In this guest blog, originally spoken in a Doctoral Discussion, Kate Fennell discusses her experiences of Imposter Syndrome, votes for a collaborative ‘ 1,335 more words

Phd Life

A day in the life: What do I actually do?

The world of the Science PhD student is shrouded in mystery. What sorts of things do we actually do? How do we spend our days? What experiments do we do? 951 more words


Getting your paper published: Reviewers' comments

I recently attended a talk given by the editor of The Lancet Infectious Diseases, who gave his best tips and things to look for when you’re trying to get published. 456 more words

Phd Life

Stressed out

Being a German living in Austria, it feels like I have been living in one big constant election campaign for 1.5 years now. First the first round of Austrian presidential elections, then the other I-don’t-remember-how-many rounds and repetions of rounds of the Austrian presidential election, then the German parliamentary election, then the Austrian parliamentary election (originally scheduled for next year). 139 more words


SAD and academic life

Like most people, I tend to notice a decline in my mood and energy when the dark nights start rolling in. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a well-known ailment that affects people during winter months, particularly in places like the UK where the change between seasons can be pretty drastic. 929 more words

Writing Up

Week 46: Feeling like I am rushing

I spent unproductive days last week; it was like being lost in a maze. I have returned to my study routine this week. I have tried to write for two hours a day, which has given me many ideas, enough to make the methodology section clearer and to write the outlines and some sections of Chapter 2. 258 more words

PhD Life

I did it! Officially a PhD Candidate!

The past few weeks months have been the most stressful times of my academic career. On November 16th, I successfully defended my original proposal in front of my preliminary committee and officially became a PhD candidate!!! 613 more words