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Lisa in the Lab 22/07/16

Oops I did it again. I let a couple of weeks slip without updating this segment. Better get to it then.

Last week started off with a busy few days. 1,004 more words

Lisa In The Lab

6 months of PhD Research!

Hey all! We’re already almost finishing July so this means I’m over 6 months done on my 3-year research period. I thought it would be a good idea to recap what I have been doing these past months. 1,758 more words

The PhD Voice

Day 14: On a science high

Depression took a lot of things away from me. Standing on the other side of it, it is easier to accept that it indeed was an illness. 384 more words

Don't be fooled by Fake Diversity

All I will say here is… This:

versus, this:

The world is not homogenous, and neither is knowledge. If diversity means anything to you – AND IT SHOULD – there should be a healthy mixture of social and economic backgrounds, ethnicities, sexes, nationalities, and more in your school, college, and department. 117 more words


Day 12: Thoughts of quitting

So Mr.Crooked smile is intelligent and enthusiastic, on any given day you  can see him hopping in and out of the rooms of senior scientists asking questions, giving them suggestions and having actual real conversations about shit! 167 more words

The guilt trip

Right now, I am trying to enjoy a very classical summer holiday in Northern Germany. So far, I am not too successul because I cannot stop thinking about the progress my PhD thesis is supposed to make until winter. 77 more words


Brains, Bureaucracy, and Bullshit!

Brains, Bureaucracy, and Bullshit!

As I go along this PhD process, not only am I learning about research, but I am also learning about the hidden minutiae of academia. 1,020 more words