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My Week

So, what’s been going on this week?

Here’s Emily, providing me with what is, to her, much-needed notetaking help.

This is Oscar. This is NOT our house. 122 more words


Being a Student Mom: You Can Do It!

“Dalam senandung kasihku, ku lantunkan doa tulus agar setiap lelah dan perjuanganku kan melahirkan jiwa tegar mujahadah dalam dirimu. Menjadi seorang mujaddid pembaharu, menggenggam dunia dengan ilmu, membawa kemaslahatan bagi dunia dan akhiratmu…” 1,047 more words


Developing Vital Skills for a PhD

Doing a PhD can feel quite a lot like a solitary undertaking, with many hours alone in the lab or in front of your computer. Certainly, you will have regular meetings with your supervisor, weekly meetings with you research group and you can always discuss issues with your peers. 569 more words


getting tense about tense

In a recent comment to this blog someone asked me if I had any tips on managing tense. They found themselves, they said, wandering around in time as they wrote, meandering from present to past and back again, undertaking an involuntary kind of time travel and compelling their reader to do the same. 1,227 more words

Pat Thomson

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Sooooo, I haven't posted anything forever. That's because I'm writing up and will hopefully soon have a coherent, completed thesis! ("soon" being a relative term…. within the next 4-6 months if all goes according to plan). In an attempt to prevent this blog from dying a death, I'm going to try to post a bit more (or re-post by others) as I'm writing. Some of this might be sections that I've written up, but didn't make the cut in the final thesis. Other stuff might be about the writing process itself and how I'm managing. And even more might just be me sharing helpful blogs or tips that I come across along the way. I am the WORST at flipping tense while I'm writing (much to the irritation of my supervisors and co-authors, I'm sure). The section that I find the most difficult is the methods because of exactly what they discuss here (I did some of these actions in the past, but the data, methods etc are still relevant). I'm happy to find that mixing tenses (in this case) is okay!

Somehow. . .

. . . I will move these books from my office to my house.


PhD Student and a mother! Really?

Hello everybody, its been a while since I’ve been on here. I am back and hope to be writing more regularly on this space. I will start off with posting stuff I wrote for t… 673 more words

PhD Life

Thinking vs. Doing

Currently in my PhD I’m looking at different methods and software for digitising my large spider dataset of many, high frame-rate videos. This was a step that was supposed to take about a week, exploring options before deciding on a method and starting digitisation. 491 more words