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Doing fieldwork with kids: Part II

Thanks to some amazing role models in the School of People, Environment and Planning at Massey University, where I studied, I have always known that it is possible (although not easy) to be a parent/grandparent and an academic. 1,197 more words


18 ways to have a better 2018

1. Cut toxic people out of your life. 

You don’t have to put up with toxic people. Cut them out where you can, make time for people who support you. 528 more words

Soil science. A man’s world?

I am a female soil scientist (a soil ecologist, more specifically). And while traditionally the field of soil science has been dominated by men, I’d like to think that women are catching up. 1,539 more words


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This piece was written by Franciska de Vries, owner of Frantecologist. I think this is a very enlightening and well-written piece, one that really highlights the gender problem we have in science. I am a fellow soil/plant scientist (PhD student), and it concerns me that in the next few years it could be hard for me to pursue an academic career or even gain momentum to get to the top of my field (be that academia or industry). We cannot let this problem just be swept under the rug; we need to keep talking about it, and making a big deal out of it. Read on, soldier on, and let's fight for science equality.

Enjoying the little things

Last year, listening to the radio on the way to work, ABC Classic FM played a piece of music that was performed only once during the composer’s life. 567 more words

Slow Academia

Business Banking Universities

Great instituitions these universities. They propel society forward they exclaim. Yes they do. They produce an increasing amount of graduates who end up being over qualified for jobs at major retailers. 266 more words

Day 1 complete!

I did it! I went in, introduced myself and made it through the day. So, it turns out all my pre-PhD nerves about the first day were just that..nerves. 431 more words


Featured ‘Day in the life of’: Hannah, Field Biologist studying golden-winged warblers.

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah and I work in the US state park system as a field biologist studying golden-winged warblers (GWWAs), which are one of the fastest-declining songbird species in the Americas. 629 more words