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Academic Self-Care for PhD Students: Why & How?

January is always a weird month for me; everyone’s trying to get back into a routine with work, attempting to maintain resolutions to go to the gym regularly and eat healthily, and the weather is dark and gloomy – especially in Aberdeen. 656 more words


PhD: three months+ down the line

I think one of the things that no one ever really mentions in a PhD is how long it takes to settle down and find your feet. 2,190 more words

Academic Emotions

Contaminated Columns

Good day and welcome to the latest installment of my research ramblings. No conferences or high profile visits this week. Just long hours, little sleep and not enough caffeine to power me through. 1,141 more words

PhD Life: Weekends [Part 1]

I still get asked a lot about my weekends. Many ask what are your weekend plans?

And I say,

Yup, research~ and some studying. I always say that PhD is a life style driven by research. 231 more words

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I, Once Again, Left You Without A Dope Beat To Step To

I know, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted here, BUT if its any consolation I was still writing just not on the blog! But I’m back! 455 more words


Per una Sequenza Elementare

Considerare il trattamento dello spazio – e di tutte le sue dimensioni – a partire dall’idea di esperienza e movimento, comporta una serie di valutazioni di carattere morfologico/geometrico, ma anche sensoriale/percettivo. 2,029 more words


PhD Life: Rain in LA

It has been raining a lot recently in LA. The funny thing is that people are happy that there is rain so we would get rid of the drought but then again there is pandemonium in LA. 109 more words

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