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Changing e-waste research so that we might change the e-waste landscape

The following is a lecture given as part of a course called: Anglais technique appliqué à la discipline (~Relevant technical English for Geography), part of the… 3,205 more words


The next right thing

There is something beautiful about watching lightly falling rain. Clear glass droplets dripping off of autumn leaves. Small pools of cascading ripples. Me, inside, with a cozy cup of tea. 368 more words

Happiness And Purpose

What does my PhD on Scottish heritage and tourism have to do with Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe has been all over the media recently, as a sudden intervention by the army resulted in the resignation of Robert Mugabe after three decades in charge. 1,366 more words

PhD Experience

Research on Bamboo Enterprises in Vietnam

Bamboo is one of the most valuable and important non-timber forest products and one of the most important nature’s substitute for the hardwoods. It is known for the strength of the culms, and their straightness, smoothness, lightness, so it is employed in many industrial sectors such as a construction, furniture, chopsticks, charcoal, textile, and handicrafts. 906 more words


And what is there to be thankful for?

I internalize so many things because I can’t trust anyone with my thoughts. When the people that are supposed to really care, end up proving that they don’t care at all through their actions, how am I supposed to be thankful today?   25 more words

10 Things You Probably Didn't Think About When #Reading #Genesis Chapter 1 - #Bible #Christianity #Jesus #PhD

Hello everybody!

A little note before the article. I wrote some more music! about the time I ended up in hospital, it’s the conversation I had with Jesus put to song, it’s called “Like Old Times”. 2,016 more words


Life After Thesis

I read a blog post recently authored by an anonymous academic.  It focussed on the lack of postdoctoral roles and academic posts for doctoral graduates in the arts and humanities to apply for once they have graduated.   464 more words