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No more "Maybe"

“Maybe” and “I don’t know” are my two favorite phrases. When anyone asks what I am to do in the upcoming weekend, I forgo making plans in an attempt to be free spirited and spontaneous, but it mostly results in my taking to the couch for a lengthy Netflix session. 563 more words

On the benefits of doing (other) stuff

My rule of thumb has always been, “in case of doubt, turn to the classics.” I see it as the main perk of being a bookworm. 1,711 more words


26 July, 2016

So much bad news in the world today. So I spent the hour before bed planning my 9 subcultures to distract myself. 

A Sentence A Day

25 July, 2016

Students are hard to deal with sometimes :(

A Sentence A Day

24 July, 2016

As with most of my Sunday’s, it was spent on meal prep.

A Sentence A Day