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常道是:嘴上無毛,辦事不牢。男性嘴邊附近的鬍子奮戰過程都可以寫成好幾本教科書了,亞洲男性多的是想長的人,更多是拼了命都長不出來,四處拼求秘方。這次回台留了一把鬍子在台灣人眼裡似乎很特立獨行,但其實在澳洲這裡,多的是比我誇張好幾倍的人,不僅滿臉鬍子,穿著更是走戶外風,呼應近期潮流界吹起的一股lumbersexual 風潮。




  • 鬍子全光(clean-shaven)
  • 少量鬍渣-讓鬍子長5天(light stubble)
  • 大量鬍渣-讓鬍子長10天(heavy stubble)
  • 至少長一個月的鬍子(full beards)

50% feminized->25% feminized->0->25%masculinized->50%masculinized



  • 對短期感情關係的吸引力
  • 對長期感情關係的吸引力


  1. 當考慮一段關係的長短時,較為男性化的臉型會較具吸引力
  2. 滿臉鬍子的狀態對於長期感情關係較具吸引力


  • 吸引力(attractiveness):性感吸引力
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It's here...

So funny story about this book. I bought it last year. I also threw it out last year.

I don’t normally throw out books by the way. 62 more words


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Ease the Load – Feel Good about your Busy Life – 19th October 2016

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University Of Edinburgh

Thoughts on beginning my PhD

I first became inspired to teach and research postcolonial literature in the final year of my undergrad degree. For those who don’t know, ‘postcolonial’ can be broadly defined as writers from formerly colonised nations and texts that critique dominant, quintessentially ‘English’ narratives. 553 more words


PhD Student Alan Kennedy-Shiffer on Presidential Debate

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In The News

PhD Candidate in Issue 2

I connected on Linkedin with a friend I met at university. His name is Dumisani Nyumbeka and he’s currently doing his PhD.  I will be adding this feature to Issue 2 as I find more topics to write about. 61 more words