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A dream come true

There are moments that define you- milestones that made a momentous difference in directing your mindset or the trajectory of your life. Sometimes they are moments you want to share and other times they are personal, but they are moments that you can think back on and connect to get to where you are today. 459 more words

Grad School

Planning. Paragraphs. Post-it notes: A Dyslexic, part-time PhD student shares his writing tips and tricks

“I go through spells where I don’t do anything. I just sort of have lunch—all day.”

Writing is not my natural forte, I like the Nora Ephron quote above about her writing process, so similar to mine.

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Organising your PT Phd by @SRDent89

Let it go: Giving up PGtips

I’m a PhD student in her final year – it’s time to start jettisoning non-essential baggage!

Taking it on

In the archaeology department we have a student seminar series called PGtips, a witty pun on the abbreviation for postgraduate (PG) and a brand of tea! 582 more words

PhD Blog

The Final Countdown

Pop culture reference: Arrested Development

I always think of GOB when I hear “final countdown”, even if it’s not the song being referred to!

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Academic rejection

I had an article manuscript rejected from a journal this past week. The advice I’ve heard about dealing with a submission rejection is to put it away for a period of time until you are emotionally and mentally prepared to deal with the trauma of reviewer comments. 346 more words


It's Happened Again

I’ve been working full-time for three weeks now and the main victim has been this blog. Although my Sundays themselves haven’t particularly lacked for spare time, they haven’t had the three-day run-up that they did from January to May where I would occasionally think ‘hm, maybe I’ll blog about …  1,084 more words