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To Fight or not to Fight?

How many times did you want to fight with your boss, or you fought with your boss? Because you disagreed with him… Or he didn’t have time for you… Or he made you to wait for him for hours… Or he had something else to do when he told you that you should meet… Or he expected from you to do something what was impossible… Or he thought your ideas were stupid… Or whatever the reason was… 563 more words

Post Doc

Yoga Revolution by Yoga With Adriene

I have been practising yoga with Adriene and decided to follow her Yoga Revolution:

I am losing my eyesight, called off my engagement, struggling with my PhD and yoga revolution to my rescue.   279 more words

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Annual Review dan Menangis

Saya rasa kamu akan setuju bahwa studi S3 itu tidak mudah. Bahkan sejak dari tahap paling awal mencari calon pembimbing, mendaftar, diterima, dan lalu menjalaninya. Semua yang pernah atau sedang menjalani studi S3, saya rasa pasti punya masa-masa yang membuat harus meneteskan air mata. 797 more words


Dissertation Progress Report #1

It’s officially been a month since I started working on my dissertation, and things are chugging along about as well as could be expected. I’ve had to tweak my research schedule a few times as I try to sort out the best times in which I can be productive, and luckily, I’ve been able to manage that without getting majorly burned out (so far). 327 more words


Exposing yourself is not always an easy exercise. When by exposing yourself you mean exposing your academic work so that it can be scrutinised by anyone, the fear of exposure (if you have one) is probably exacerbated. 521 more words

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