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如何直觀地呈現你的研究數據 (Infographics) 研究生英文編修出版投稿日報 7/30/2015

* 如何直觀地呈現你的研究數據 (Infographics)
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* 明白寫作 (英文編修訓練) (7 / 15) 426 more words

Doing Academia - or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

For the uninitiated, the tagline of the post is the tagline of the 1964 comedy DR STRANGELOVE, starring Peter Sellers. This may seem a little incongruous. 1,741 more words

Referee report ridiculousness

Research has been a huge, tedious drag this week—even more than usual, I mean.  At least I still feel like I’m inching ever-so-slowly forward.  I’m responding to the referee’s report on the Paper From Hell. 564 more words

Mark Dever on the PhD and the Pulpit: "On Having a Doctorate in the Pastorate"

Should a pastor have a PhD? Is it helpful? Is it necessary? Mark Dever spoke on the assigned topic: “Why a PhD is Needed in the Pulpit… 617 more words

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Should a pastor have a PhD? Is it helpful? Is it necessary? Mark Dever spoke on the assigned topic: “Why a PhD is Needed in the Pulpit” (mp3) but changed the title to “On Having a Doctorate in the Pastorate.” I outlined his brief remarks below and included some quotes from the questions and answers segment I found helpful. Here’s the archive description: “Opening remarks and question/answer session conducted at the Feb. 27, 2002 meeting of the Graduate Club in the President’s Reception Room, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.” Five Reasons a PhD May be Helpful for Pastoral Ministry

  • It may be helpful for the matter of what you study. If you pick something you’re edified by it can assist and help your ministry.
  • It may be helpful from the very form of the studies. Doctoral studies should improve your ability to research and at best your ability to think.
  • It may be helpful for the ministry you have while you’re in your doctoral studies.
  • It may be helpful for the connections you make through your studies. Consider the community and relationships you’ll build which may serve your ministry in the future.
  • It may be helpful for the credibility you may have with non-Christians and carnal Christians and Christians you don’t know very well.
A PhD is Certainly Unnecessary for Pastoral Ministry
  • Great learning can be ill-used.
  • You can become prideful.
  • You can do people little good – you may speak above people’s comprehension.
  • Little learning can be well-used
  • John Owen on John Bunyan – “If I could possess that tinker’s abilities for preaching I would most gladly relinquish all my learning.”
Conclusion: “Involvement in a good church is unquestionably far more helpful in the pastorate than a doctorate. But a doctorate can be useful in the pastorate. To say less would be misleading, but to say more, any more, would be false.” For more of this post see Slavepj.com

Personal Statement

It needs to be personalised.   Formal, yes, but personal!

Both show your own personality and tailor it to each university you are applying to.

Remember, the admissions team read hundreds of these documents and you will need to stand out. 340 more words


why blog your field work?

Over the last week I’ve posted every day about the ethnographic research I was doing at the Tate Summer School, research carried out with the Tate Schools and Teachers team. 1,092 more words

Pat Thomson

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good afternoon Hey Readers! Today, I decided to post a blog by Patter. Patter has lot of get ideas and stories about PhD life. As a fellow PhD student, I enjoy reading this blog a lot! I have not read it recently, but I am back. This can also benefit writers as well. Enjoy folks!

PhD training gives you so much more than just a PhD

Daniel thinks he’s just painting a fence but Mr Miyagi is teaching him so much more.

Studying for a PhD in anything makes you an incredible expert with a very narrow field of expertise. 507 more words