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LiLynn Wan: from pottery to a PhD and back again

She is hunched over the wheel which flings water and clay against the cardboard wall. Her thumbs dig into a lump of clay. Her fingers latch onto the outside of the lump and pull up. 1,026 more words


My Arctic Island Art Residency

The novel I’m currently working on, Bodeg, is set on a fictional island within the Arctic Circle. It seemed only natural to apply for an artist’s residency on the island of Hrísey, an island off the northern coast of Iceland –  where I’m currently writing from. 806 more words


期刊如何處理發表的論文是由另一位作者出版的另一篇論文的完整副本? (PART B)(研究出版倫理)研究生英文編修出版投稿日報 4/1/2015

* 期刊如何處理發表的論文是由另一位作者出版的另一篇論文的完整副本? (PART B)(研究出版倫理)
* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (437) Literature review before and after a project 394 more words

Adapting the experimental paradigm for my next study

Dear Diary,

today and yesterday, I spend a little more time adjusting my experimental paradigm. I now know what I will do exactly and how long it will take. 524 more words


Fine-tuning my presentation

Dear Diary,

today and yesterday, I worked on making an outline for my presentation at the symposium next week. It’s going to be a relatively big deal for me. 379 more words


Handling Uncertainty

One of the greatest things a university can provide for any PhD student especially one returning to the academic world after several years away is support. 743 more words