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Could memes be an effective way to communicate climate change?

Memes are an interesting aspect of Internet culture. The term meme originates from Richard Dawkins in his book ‘the selfish gene’ who argued that memes were culture that is transmitted ‘brain to brain’. 759 more words

Climate Change

Discussion: For Anthony's PhD

My good friend Anthony recently completed and received his Doctorate.  He had a celebration in Sydney last night and I was asked to write a poem for the occasion.   108 more words


Poem: For Anthony's PhD

i. Proposal
The men of yore took pride in war
And not in the growing grey
Modern men find their glory when
They wipe a market of competitors away… 258 more words


My Ever-Growing Nightmare!

Which one is more dreadful?

Being a simple housekeeper or an educated one?

I need a job! :-(



In the quite moment after, she smiled…

It reached her eyes,

And filled her heart.

It was hers, this moment, and none could take it away. 43 more words


6 ways training for a marathon is making my PhD thesis better

I’m nearing the year-and-a-half mark of my PhD, and in most respects am doing pretty well so far. But what I realised at the end of my first year was that I made the near-fatal mistake of the typical type-A: I went too hard, too fast. 740 more words