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Who was Saint Hubert?

We often hear Guns and others involved in the shooting industry and sport mention saying prayers to Saint Hubert. Who was Saint Hubert and why do we offers prayers to him? 184 more words

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Malabar food

If you think that south Indian food is quite different from north Indian, you are right. If you think that all south Indian food is roughly similar, then you are wrong. 239 more words


Canine Companion of a Lifetime

Whether they be gundog, terrier, hound, working dog or one of the toy breeds, I think we all remember one of our canine friends a little more fondly than others. 1,128 more words

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Large long-tailed game bird with showy plumage in the male. Old French “fesan” < Latin “phasianos”=bird from Phasis.


Loader or Safety Minder or Both?

I was recently privy to a conversation about whether or not it was necessary to have a loader on driven shoots including grouse shooting where double gunning was deemed not totally necessary. 286 more words

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Squirrels are nifty creatures, but lately, they’ve been very distracting. My computer sits on a desk not too far from the window. This winter, I found myself staring out of the window when I should have been writing. 457 more words

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