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Studio Practice

The largest project we have going on this year is our studio practice project. This project is self directed and we are expected to do large quantities of work for it. 458 more words


Single Slam - Death of the Rockstar - Within the Ruins

American metal band, Within the Ruins have released a new track called Death of  the Rockstar. With their new album, Halfway Human, not due for release through independent label eOne until March 3rd next year, its great for fans to get such an early glimpse.  527 more words

New Metal

Nihilism And Eternalism on The Shamanic Path

This is a conversation that took place in a shamanic teachers’ group online. It started as a dialogue about the possibility of blending shamanism with other spiritual practices. 558 more words


Top 6 Phenomena You Haven't Heard of

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Climbing goats in Morocco

Goats climbed on trees, you can see only in Morocco. Goats climb on trees as like to eat the fruit of the argan tree, which is similar to olive. 25 more words

Two Years of Phenomena

I haven’t written much of late. I haven’t really had much to say. Well, I have. I had a whole rant fest about the plebiscite and Trump and racism ready and waiting to go, but I wasn’t saying anything that anybody else hadn’t already covered. 1,240 more words

Not Acting

Experience - Knowledge - Understanding.

A Triage

For the young and the old.
Digitally locate them as you wish.

23 November 2016.


Ancient Greek word,
meaning revelation.

“Going through the barrier” 677 more words

My sister Sue hates spiders.

Sue let a spider run over my face when we were children. We had to share a double bed in those days .Being the youngest I had already gone to bed and was asleep ,coming to bed Sue saw a large harvest spider on the pillow and watched it run over my face . 252 more words