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thank you fucking God for music
that other people authentically expressed
because i can’t seem to get it out right now.

Scooter Watch is a cause for great justice

My dear friends,

Throughout our lives we have loved and lost, be it a possession or perhaps someone we’ve known. There are probably others to add to the list, however it’s 10:30 at night and I’m eagerly waiting for my housemate to leave the bathroom so I can shower. 741 more words


a dream of sandalwood

thank God for things like sandalwood….
you are definitely on my mind today
as you know you are like a dream to me
a dream, that on my lovely days,
I get to enjoy.


the feeling of being
released, perhaps?

it’s like a leaf that’s fallen from a tree getting trampled on, knowing it’s season is over but also knowing that disintegration serves it’s purpose.

The Earth Pyramids of Italy: Where Boulders Perch Atop Pillars of Clay

One of the strangest landscape elements of the Alps are the so-called Earth Pyramids of South Tyrol. Especially during foggy conditions these pillars appear like from another world. 272 more words


New gravity: There is no gravity! (as we know it) Focusing on the phenomena. The problem of modern science.

A controversial new hypothesis that suggests our understanding of gravity is wrong has just passed an important first test. First proposed back in 2010, the new hypothesis states that gravity might behave and arise very differently than Einstein predicted, and an independent study of more than 30,000 galaxies has now found the first evidence to back this up. 307 more words

Picture of the Day: Inside the Eye of the Storm

Photograph by NOAA

In this remarkable photo we see the eyewall of Hurricane Katrina as seen from an NOAA Lockheed WP-3D Orion “hurricane hunter” aircraft. … 87 more words