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ribcage dance

when I told God about how you are my favorite and how my heart is going crazy, God replied,

“that’s why I gave you a rib cage…its perfectly safe for your heart to have seizures and do some ecstatic dancing. 24 more words

How Vini Vici brought Psytrance on the world's mainstages

In my opinion, one of the most interesting musical phenomena of the past one to two years is the ongoing story of Israeli Psytrance duo Vini Vici. 400 more words

Armin Van Buuren

Stop worrying about your golf swing

These phenomena – and there are numerous other people – cant be discussed in purely bodily conditions. We put in much of out time studying about the idea of swinging a golfing club, and yet we lack the self – control to be capable to set that information into apply. 29 more words

Golf is not just about swinging a golf club

These phenomena – and there are several other folks – are not able to be described in purely physical conditions. We spent significantly of out time understanding about the theory of swinging a golfing club, and yet we deficiency the self – manage to be able to put that information into practice. 28 more words

Consumer Reports

the heart bleats like a lamb
calling future
the conscience of prey
knowing that each moment
is borrowed from the next
creating a vacuum
that is mistaken for motion… 43 more words

Phenomena Are Indifferent

It’s very tempting to believe that when something happens, it does so as a way to reward or to punish people. We see this when someone claims that a hurricane destroyed a city because of “sinful people” living in that city. 620 more words


Mystery of Life

“The schematicism by which our understanding deals with the phenomenal world … is a skill so deeply hidden in the human soul that we shall hardly guess the secret trick that Nature here employs.”-Immanuel Kant