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Paranormal Investigative Equipment: What's Your Pick?

There are so many different types of equipment that one can use while conducting a paranormal investigation, even supposedly fully equipped ghost hunting kits that claim to have everything one needs. 257 more words


Sky Sounds

People around the world claim to have experienced strange sounds from the skies.

These are often reported as strange ‘metallic’ grinding sounds or deep booms and there are periods when multiple incidents are reported around the world. 91 more words


Last Super Blood Moon for 18 Years

Photographer Michael Feist

Last Sunday, a rare astronomical alignment took place. Before the clouds rolled in, the super blood moon was visible from campus. Super blood moons, or super moon eclipses, are very rare because they are one of the few occurrences when a super moon and a lunar eclipse coincide with each other. 111 more words


The Sacred Garden: Primary observation

The Arcane Crown Kin Phenomena Records – Special edition
14th day of Ripe, 341 SE
This record is being written two months after the occurrence and it is by no means definite. 233 more words


Phenomena en la mente de David Lynch

PHENOMENA se introduce en la mente del gran David Lynch para acercarnos tres obras maestras de su filmografía.

Será en Octubre y a continuación tenéis los títulos y horarios. 32 more words


Lo mejor de Disney en Phenomena

En Octubre llega a PHENOMENA lo mejor de la factoría Disney, como siempre, en la mejor pantalla y en VOSE.

Las películas y horarios serán los siguientes: 36 more words


Stallone por partida doble en Phenomena

Este próximo Viernes 25 de Septiembre, Phenomena nos traerá a Sylvester Stallone por partida doble, en una doble sesión que no os podéis perder. A partir de las 21.00 disfrutaremos en la gran pantalla de DEMOLITION MAN y ROCKY IV. 37 more words