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Bubble-Wrap Slashes Of Grown Up

There is little difficulty in a notion of conceptually placing one’s own language and the actions-in-the-outside world as happening simultaneously without the interference of hierarchical prejudice, such as bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, placed in relation to newspaper symbolization of real-outside event of what was real-outside-event, however those things may be unrelated outside-actions are to our behavior, there doesn’t have to appear a contradiction between the relation of one’s own language and outside events to be illogical. 2,147 more words

Kant's Transcendental Idealism: A Hopeless Case?

George P. Simmonds
Oxford Brookes University


ABSTRACT: The interpretive mayhem engendered by Immanuel Kant’s Critique has, in the space of two centuries, yet to provide a standard or altogether encompassing exegesis of transcendental idealism, a theory which on all counts lies at the very heart of Kantian philosophy. 2,549 more words


Picture of the Day: This is Hair Ice

Photograph by Christian Mätzler

You may have never seen or heard of it, but hair ice—a type of ice that has the shape of fine, silky hairs and resembles white candy floss—is remarkable. 108 more words


Picture of the Day: Clouds to Scale

Photograph by Don Bigote on reddit

In this fun photo we see six islands of varying sizes, each with their own cloud of equally varying size. 132 more words


Debunking by Candlelight

The paranormal is definitely something that I believe in. Without a doubt, there are inscrutable entities in their own realm of existence. Some are shady with dark, malevolent intent, while others are merely passing through for whatever reason. 421 more words


Rob McFarland - Review

After a bit of insight into the Port Arthur Paranormal Investigation Experience?  Head on over and check out this great review by Rob McFarland.

Port Arthur Paranormal Investigation Experience Review

Paranormal Investigation