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"I who am no thing, am every thing."

Consciousness (with a capital C) does not know everything (which would be dualistic); Consciousness IS everything. The most we can say is that, “Consciousness IS Itself.” 25 more words

Pointing Towards What IS

prior to "duality"

Apperceiving is itself Reality, in that there is no “one” to apperceive any “thing”.

The perfect perceiving is Apperceiving: the immediate perceiving of the totality of phenomenal manifestation, (wherein Mind and matter are not-two).

— Ramesh Balsekar (edited)

Pointing Towards What IS

This Damned Aeon Game

It has been said, that humanity is not ready for advanced information because we would use it wrongly – an Atlantean racial memory, perhaps? In all the old records about this society – the channelings, the pulling down of info from the akashic records/siddhis, we are met with this one point – that a war between peoples destroyed the earth and collapsed an advanced high civilization. 1,202 more words


"the perceived cannot perceive"

An APPARENT body-mind organism is THUS an ASPECT of Present-Manifesting (not a separate entity).

Therefore, it CANNOT BE an INDEPENDENT experiencer of said Manifesting.

Pointing Towards What IS

Really, what the hell IS art? [2]

Since posting that extract from Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, I have been trying to avoid re-reading it. Having a definition of art made ventriloquially by James Joyce makes for a powerful precedent, if not a downright stumbling block to any claim of  further originality of thought! 1,038 more words



A recent tweet by @RobGMacfarlane has brought me a new word to describe the green-gold effect that sunlight has on new leaves in spring time. 40 more words



If looking for the book Nonlinear Phenomena in Power Electronics:attractors,bifurcations,chaos,and nonlinear control in pdf format, then you’ve come to loyal site. Download and Read Nonlinear Phenomena In Power Electronics Bifurcations Chaos Control And Applications Nonlinear Phenomena In Power Electronics Verghese G.C. 59 more words