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Picture of the Day: A Layer of Ice Off a Leaf

Photograph by SearonTrejorek on reddit
After a day of freezing rain, reddit user SearonTrejorek peeled a perfect layer of ice off a Magnolia trees leaf. The photo was taken a couple of winters ago at Hardin Gardens on the campus of Winthrop University in South Carolina. 6 more words

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Time lapse : Art of the Storm

Photographer Nicolaus Wegner recently captured an incredible stationary supercell over the Black Hills of South Dakota near Rapid City on June 1, 2015. The time-lapse was shot with 1 second intervals using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a wide angle lens. 75 more words


northern lights - June 23


northern lights

didn’t appear tonight.

maybe they’re hiding

or hanging back

the blues and greens

slashing pinks and


hiding their flamenco


so that I won’t be




Ship of Dreams - Stephen King's Tommyknockers

The book “The Tommyknockers” had a strong impact on me. I thought the ending was heartbreaking and I was pretty much sobbing. Shortly after reading I heard the song “Ship of Dreams” from a 60s band called Quiet Jungle. 154 more words

Book Review

Sky Sounds

People around the world claim to have experienced strange sounds from the skies.

These are often reported as strange ‘metallic’ grinding sounds or deep booms and there are periods when multiple incidents are reported around the world. 94 more words


#13 / 'Film Art Phenomena'

Overall the book examines artist’s films of numerous forms but more specifically in the chapter entitled ‘Installation and its Audience’ Hamlyn discusses the effect of the installation space on the viewer. 143 more words


Old, Cold Fire

No sweat in the T-shirt
save for another day
keep still as a bale
hay fodder for prey
may need to start moving
as waters will rise… 34 more words