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Picture of the Day: Tsunami Cloud Over Sydney

Photograph by Jonny Ross

In this amazing photo we see a huge squall approaching Sydney. The photo was taken back in 2008 and the ominous cloud looks like some kind of terrifying tsunami. 33 more words


the perfume of the moment fades into the stench of time

When first taste

my tongue did touch

so entangled with the scent

of blossoms ripe and telluric

transfixed within the sweet

intoxication of new worlds… 16 more words


Shadow People

Shadow people don’t appear to be ghosts and many encounters take place at night. These range from fleeting glances of spectral figures to terrifying night-time encounters. 93 more words


Mammatus Clouds Look Fascinating, Here are 18 Great Examples

Mammatus cloud are known for their interesting appearance, as the clouds seem to have smooth round puffs (sort of like cotton balls), hanging from its underside. 228 more words


Note on the Importance of Mediumship for Psychical Research*

Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

Historically few topics have been so important for the study of psychic phenomena as mediumship (both mental and physical). 588 more words


A Mysterious Illness

Christmas, December 1994 found us hiring an empty farmhouse for a week in the Haarlem District on the Eastern/Western Cape border, in the Bo-Kouga valley where Sheila’s brother, … 433 more words

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