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Phuket and Phi Phi 

I feel like a large percentage of my weekends are comprised of a blur of bus journeys. Too. Many. Buses. It’s driving me insane. We only had a night to spend in Phuket since we wanted to spend as much time as possible in Phi Phi, so we stayed close to the ferry stop so we wouldn’t have to spend a small fortune on transport. 661 more words

Koh Phi Phi

INFO: After walking the streets of Bangkok and Chiang Mai we fancied ourselves some nice scenery, beach bathing weather and beautiful clear blue sea. Well, this is something you can get in Koh Phi Phi, if you look hard enough! 1,140 more words


The Verdict: Is Koh Phi Phi a Ruined Island?

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.

A majestic archipelago of limestone cliffs, jutting out of the Andaman Sea’s emerald waters. Lush Thai jungles, golden beaches, humming longtail boats, and the glorious tropical sunshine. 872 more words


Island hopping

In order to explore the beauty of more Thai islands, Rich and I joined a day tour to take in the sights of Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Lay and Khai islands. 1,301 more words

The Phi Phi Islands & Koh Tao, Thailand

It’s hard to prepare for the never-ending bustle of Bangkok after being on island time for the past 9 days. The Phi Phi Islands and Koh Tao were great to us – both visits were filled with beauty, adventure, and relaxation in incredibly different ways. 313 more words


День 22-23, Пухет - Пи-Пи - Ко Ланта. Таиланд-Камбоджа 2009

Phi-Phi, Таиланд

08.03.2009 Переплыл на Пи-Пи (Дон). Все постройки острова были смыты цунами 2004 года. Поэтому все новое.

Пи-Пи (Дон), Таиланд

Пи-Пи (Дон), Таиланд … 13 more words

when your hotel is a bucket and dish pail of fail, you go to koh phi phi

Let’s discuss my hotel in Phuket for a moment, shall we? As I type, there are three different groups of people staging photo shoots at the pool. 353 more words

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