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‘You think vengeance is the missing piece of the puzzle; that it will make you whole again. But all it does is break you further.

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Agents of SHIELD 3x20: Emancipation

When Daisy finally came back to the base, looking drained and exhausted, being restrained by 2 guys, Coulson called her Agent Daisy Johnson, not just Daisy or even his usual slip-up of Skye. 236 more words

Marvel's Multimedia Movement

In case you haven’t noticed, Marvel Entertainment has been releasing a lot of movies lately.

Their most recent cinematic installment, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, has been fairly successful in the first few days in the theater, roping in a modest $300 million U.S. 543 more words

Aaron Hastings


The characters I’ll write are:

Sherlock Holmes
John Watson
Greg Lestrade
Mycroft Holmes
Steve Rogers
Bucky Barnes
Maria Hill
Phil Coulson
Natasha Romanoff
Clint Barton… 14 more words

Steve Rogers

Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. S03E15 Recap....Must Read!!!

The episode opens with a man named Charles, apparently homeless, carving a wood robin in an alley behind a grocery store. The owner of the store goes into the. 1,601 more words

2016 Updates

Review: Batman Vs Superman - Dawn of Justice

There will be spoilers…

Well after the mess that was Man of Steel I went in hoping this would clear all that up and put DC back on the right path. 810 more words