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Finding Vivian Maier (2013)

Director: John Maloof, Charlie Siskel

Cast: John Maloof, Phil Donahue, Mary Ellen Mark, Joel Meyerowitz, Tim Roth

Screenplay: John Maloof, Charlie Siskel

83 mins. Not Rated. 225 more words

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The Left Wing equivalent of Fox News, MSNBC, has raised the white flag and surrendered. The Conservative movement has at last destroyed its only true Liberal foe and with the most recent election now passed, they stand alone as the near consensus of how America should be governed and educated, their agenda sets the ground rules for how we manage our economy, decide public issues such as immigration, gay marriage, abortion and all other subjects that prior to the death of MSNBC there were two equal sides. 562 more words

Bill Clinton

Finding Vivian Maier

Nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 87th Annual Academy Awards

It’s a riveting documentary, about a real life artist, who failed to gain significant recognition until years past the creation of her best work. 250 more words


Body of War

Phil Donahue and documentarian Ellen Spiro’s film Body of War about disabled veteran Tomas Young is a predictably liberal and anti-war take on the second Iraq War. 1,501 more words


Falcon Crest Blog: Video: The Phil Donahue Show: Lana Turner in 1982

Lana Turner, I believe 61-62 at this point and still looking and sounding great. Perhaps she sobered up in the late 1970s or early 1980s. 219 more words

Sexy Women