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Indecency & Obscenity: 2 Live Crew on Donahue & Geraldo

As the listeners of Banned in the USA well know by the end of the album–because they are beaten over the head with it–2 Live came into controversy with 1989’s  256 more words

The Byford Files

The Minister (Instrumental)

I decided to take snippets from an interview between Phil Donahue & Louis Farrakhan and put it over some mozart and some dirty drums. I take chances with my music that can get love or hate but its all good. Hate it or Love it……

Hip Hop

The Language of Leadership in Action, 2 of 2

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In only 2 minutes 24 seconds, the following segment of talk-show host Phil Donahue’s 1979 interview with Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman is a powerful example of the impact of the language of leadership.  325 more words


The Milton Friedman Foundation For Educational Choice: The Phil Donahue Show: Milton Friedman Round 2

Phil Donahue, is probably as far-left as a TV show host could be, at least in his time. And yet even with his staunch slant and support for government interference, government assistance and government taxation, he was a hell of an interviewer. 310 more words


Milton Friedman, Notable & Quotable - WSJ

Wall Street Journal — ‘Is there some society you know that doesn’t run on greed?’

From an interview with economist Milton Friedman by television talk-show host Phil Donahue in 1979: 49 more words