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Indie Game the Movie / Web Junkie - Double Documentary Review

Over the weekend I watched two ‘web’ based documentary-films on Netflix, so I thought it would be fun to review them together. I’ll try not to drone on too much. 1,022 more words


Indie Game-The bloodsport of Independent Gaming Development

The world of gaming is a competitive sport . In the 2012 Sundance Award winning documentary Indie Game, it is a blood sport.

The movie profiles independent game developers, partners Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes and Phil Fish (of Polytron) and their struggle to get their games completed and into the indie games market.  589 more words

Online Gaming

Week 6: Social Media and Your Career

Social Media is a big part of our daily lives and even more so its become a powerful tool for our professional lives. When it comes to the music industry It has become a integral part of how the framework of the industry works especially for artists. 510 more words


Who Is Phil Fish?

If you are at all into the indie scene; or if you just hang around Gamejolt to see when the next SANICBALL patch is being released, you may be interested in Phil Fish, or already know who he is. 221 more words

Video Games

Review of Indie Game: The Movie

As someone not generally interested by gaming, I can fully understand why this might seem like a movie many would immediately gravitate towards on your standard night in curled up with Netflix. 584 more words


So what's the issue with Fez?

Yep, I finally got a chance to try Phil Fish’s Fez. Well, to be honest, it’d been on my steam list for a long time; I’d just never installed it, since it’s so obviously a controller-focused game. 687 more words