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Phil Fish Said It Right

There are times when I am swept away by the shit that social networks feed me. Our latest election is a great example of one-sided conversations happening at a high frequency. 391 more words


Learning and Knowledge (August 31)

More information about cool stuff

  1. Indie Game : The Movie … Nice movie and cool and opens up the world of Indie Games

2. Spinoza is interesting. 62 more words


Flatland, Fez, and M-theory

Written by Edwin A. Abbott in 1884, ‘Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions’ is an excellent, laugh-out-loud satirical novel that provokes deep thought about dimensions beyond our daily experience. 302 more words


Fez Review

The GoH team review Fez, in light of, well…anything Phil Fish has said.


Indie Game: The Movie (2012) - ★★★

The video game industry is still relatively new, its only about thirty years old and with this documentary we see how its become a new medium for artists to express themselves. 659 more words


The Color and Feel of Fez

33 hours into Fez and only a few items left to collect; the color and feel of Fez gets engrossing with progression.  Everything comes together to give us a place to be. 796 more words

60 – Fez Cat

Today, I want to honour Fez, an indie game I started playing last Sunday. I LOVE IT! :|

I thought it would be a short game but no! 139 more words

1 Line Cat