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Case Study: Fez

Surprisingly, there are not a great amount of social media disasters in the video game industry. Angry gamers will often take to social media to complain such as when Bioware did such a poor job on the Mass Effect ending. 391 more words

Professional Material

Existential Fez

So as I’ve stated recently, I was never much of a video game guy(or gal for that matter.) That’s not to say I don’t appreciate what goes into a great video game. 945 more words

Just Because...

Unimated Reviews: Braid and Fez

Braid and Fez are 2D puzzle platformers that require the player take control of the dimensions of the game to make progress: in Braid by manipulating the flow of time, and in Fez by reorienting your perspective of space. 5,017 more words


Beyond Auteurs: Do Video Games Need Visionaries Part 3

Part 3: Conclusion

This is the third installment of a series, so if you missed parts 1 and 2, you might want to go check those out. 975 more words


Follow-Up to “Crash Course (ep. 34) – FEZ”

I’m coming to terms with the realization that I’m drifting away from being a “completionist”.

When I was younger (and had more free time to devote to the act), I relished the feeling of glorious accomplishment for fully dismantling a video game. 1,121 more words


Crash Course (ep. 34) - FEZ

A 2D platformer in a 3D world that features a dimension-shattering game mechanic and a nifty hat.