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Republican Idol - the local audition round

It seems that Republicans have their own version of American Idol and it’s becoming very exciting as those who are (to quote the ageing former bass player of the 80s band Journey) “In it to win it” raise their games. 625 more words

Love God & Love Others

I really enjoy watching the Duck Dynasty show. It’s a good, clean show you can watch with your family without being embarrassed by the content or language used. 358 more words

'Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Blames Hippies For STDs In CPAC Speech

Phil Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, who is also known for his controversial comments on gay sex, delivered a lengthy speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in which he faulted the hippies for those 110M people battling sexually transmitted diseases.  210 more words


The New, "Moderate" Republicans

The Conservative Political Action Committee just finished its annual convention of the far right wing of the Republican Party, and anybody who is anybody,  like the entire roster of future Republican presidential candidates and continuing wing nuts like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, spent time on the dias. 69 more words



if it weren’t for phil robertson preaching the gospel
imagine how different it would be



Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson at CPAC 2015

Accepts the Andrew Breibart Defender of the First Amendment Award at CPAC 2015


Malaysia- Anwar Ibrahim loses appeal and sentence to prison for 5 years on sodomy trial

As a satirist I struggle to compete with reality. Last week, after declaring that, “There were mistakes made in Iraq,” and “I am my own man” Jeb Bush announced that Paul Wolfowitz was one of his foreign policy advisers. 15 more words