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The Holy Bible, Phil Robertson version

The King James Version of the Holy Bible is once again being revised, with the new revision scheduled to be released some time in the fall of 2017. 217 more words

morality without magic

There are so many disclaimers I feel I have to share, but I’ll pick just two:

  1.  I know, I KNOW, I should not give a knee-jerk reaction to the silly things the silly people say and do.
  2. 568 more words

My Moral Compass is Broken

If you’re an Atheist, Jesus may love you but his fans aren’t so understanding. Recent comments by  two older, conservative Christian men have been making news. 982 more words

Social Commentary

Yes, Phil Robertson Said Atheists Lack Morals

Phil Robertson told a horror story about a family of atheists getting raped and tortured. Maybe to him it wasn’t a horror story. As the criminals brutalize the family, they taunt the man of the house about his lack of faith, saying that since there is no God, what they’re doing is fine and there will be no retribution. 280 more words


Phil Robertson’s atheism parable: ‘Two guys break into an atheist’s home…’

Phil Robertson, best known as the patriarch of television’s Duck Dynasty, has made a second career for himself on the Christian speaking circuit. For those who like his style, Robertson is seen as someone who will speak his mind, regardless of whether the media or liberals or non-Christians like it. 580 more words


An open letter to Phil Robertson

Let me start by saying I love you.

Not in the oh-my-goodness-your-show-is-amazing-and-your-family-is-awesome-and-I’m-so-glad-you-guys-are-Christians-I’m-a-huge-fan kind of way. I truly love you. Just like everyone else on this planet, you were created in the image of God. 597 more words


What the Duck?

Yesterday in Facebook trending topics I found articles about the guy from Duck Dynasty speaking at an event. During the speech, he told a story which was basically the plot of a snuff film about an atheist family being raped and murdered. 196 more words