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Why Not Phil Robertson: Couldn’t be Worse than Trump

Most of the time in my life when I believed that things couldn’t get worse, I was wrong. But I’m not wrong about Donald Trump. Nothing and no one could be a worse presidential candidate than the “orange man.” Even a redneck homophobe, and religious extremist from Louisiana would be no worse. 405 more words

Parker: Phil & Sebastian land their ideal downtown location

Phil Robertson and Sebastian Sztabzyb, the roasters and purveyors of fine coffee under the name of Phil and Sebastian, have long been asked about opening a downtown store. 660 more words

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Can We Create A New Way To Talk About Gun Violence? It Depends Whom You Talk To.

Far be it from me to ever be critical of anything that Gabby says or does, because Jared Loughner was only exercising his 2nd-Amendment rights when he shot her in the head.  667 more words



Photo Appears Authentic- Will Research….


Donald Trump Destroys Lyin’ Ted Cruz at Bethpage, NY Rally (4-6-16)

31,000 Trump Supporters in California Shout ‘LYIN’ TED’ 129 more words


Phil Robertson: Why Not? It’s a Farce Already

I understand that some people love to watch others less intelligent than themselves; it makes them feel superior. But let’s face it, some of these “reality” shows are just plain disgusting. 440 more words

Phil Robertson Should Be Trump’s Running Mate

When ‘like-minds’ find their soulmates, they must recognize them and form an everlasting union. This is why I believe “Duck Dynasty Star” Phil Robertson, and Donald Trump must share the stage inside Quicken Loans Arena later this month and declare themselves running mates. 425 more words