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Honor Dr. King by fixing societal structures

My latest Springfield News-Leader column

As each year goes by, I’m experiencing more and more mixed feelings when celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 791 more words

Some thoughts on Charlie Hebdo, satire, religious violence, freedom of speech, and the baptism of Jesus

Mark 1:1-11
Brentwood Christian Church

The Gospel of Mark begins with a bit of satire. Its opening words declare, “The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the son of God.” Now, to our modern ears, we don’t quite catch the satire, and we need to know some background. 1,228 more words

My response to "Gay Chapel Week" at Bob Jones University

Last week, Bob Jones University held a series of talks during chapel related to “Same Sex Attraction,” otherwise dubbed as Gay Chapel Week. I was invited by a friend affiliated with… 31 more words

Norm Subversion in Missouri

Feeling like a bewildered apostle during the uncertain interval between Jesus’s death and resurrection, I’ve left Springfield, Missouri and returned to real life, wondering about the salvific potential of radical theology.   1,263 more words

Subverting the Norm - A few takeaways, and one important clarification (Or, an apologia for deconstruction and Peter Rollins)

As I continue to reflect on Subverting the Norm, several things keep coming to mind. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy meeting so many people that I’m friends with on Twitter and Facebook, but I also loved making new friends altogether (including new friends from four continents!). 2,241 more words