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Today, in fun with numbers, Phil Steele edition

Steele charts what he calls Strength of Wins, which tracks the number of wins a team’s losing FBS opponents have compiled themselves.  Georgia currently stands third, behind Alabama and Wisconsin, … 26 more words

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When you've lost Phil Steele...

You guys know I’ve read Steele’s College Football Preview for years.  He’s typically optimistic about Georgia’s chances, and even in down years is rarely downright negative.  96 more words

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Friday morning buffet

Indulge yourself.

  • Kirby Smart is “hoping and praying” the two players from the 2017 signing class not yet on campus are able to enroll.
  • There are how many…
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Steele's 2017 Experience Chart

Bringing it all together — returning offensive line starts, offensive yards returning, defensive tackles returning and the number of players on the two-deep coming back — … 96 more words

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Steele, Georgia and returns

Agree with his premise or not, you’re aware that Phil Steele puts a fair amount on emphasis on returning experience and production in his college football projections.  112 more words

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Phil Steele on Georgia 2017: once burned, twice shy

22nd nationally, second in the SEC East.

“I actually picked Georgia second in the East this year,” Steele said. “I think they may be the preseason favorite to win the East when the SEC media votes, but I went with the Florida Gators No.

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An early look at the new direction

Phil Steele’s 2017 mag is available on iTunes, if you’re so inclined (I wait for the old school mag, myself).  Patrick Garbin has a rundown on Steele’s unit rankings for Georgia. 89 more words

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