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Phil Mickelson penalized for using different type of golf ball on 7th hole

Wow the rules of golf are different in South Korea, Phill makes a grave mistake but man did it ever fire him up after the debacle read it here: NCHEON, South Korea The International team wound up winning two holes in one at the Presidents Cup on Friday when Phil Mickelson didn t know the rules. 130 more words

Compulsory Introductory Post

All about me:-

So, as is traditional with these things, here is a post explaining just who I am and what the heck I’m doing starting a blog in beautiful October 2015. 277 more words

Blogging 101

EL VY - Paul Is Alive

The National are really good. Menomena are really good. EL VY are, in some senses, a mix of The National and Menomena. EL VY are, thus, also really good. 106 more words

Fresh Tracks

Episode 11: Hunt for Loud October

The best laid plans are usually the ones involving booze (and not explosives).

We have a Patreon! Help support the show and earn great rewards… 65 more words


The Song Remains the Same. NOLA's Own Bk #3. Kelli Jean

Title: The Song Remains the Same

Series: Book 3 NOLA’s Own

Author: Kelli Jean



“Kenna stood strong, taking my grief into herself. In that moment, if the world had truly threatened to fall, I had no doubt my Baby Girl would hold it up.” 541 more words


Let's talk about cake

Phil: As you will know, team NolanParker likes cake. We also like literary festivals. Thus, when checking out Warwick Words brochure, one of the sessions that leapt out at me was… 711 more words


Year 3, Day 339

Construction starts on the very experimental “Discovery 2” – if all goes well, Discovery 2 should be the first manned vessel to reach Duna!

Meanwhile, at Mun, Intrepid arrives at Mun Station 1! 87 more words

Year Three