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1. teaching you how to kiss, not sure what you’re doing. your first. painful. bloody. smoke breaks and sitting on the edge of my bed after on your phone. 476 more words


For The Boys Whom I Loved so Deeply, I Drowned in My Own Self Hatred

I never knew falling in love at the age of 13 was humanly possible, but there I was, 13, and head over heels for a boy who stole my heart the way the Grinch stole Christmas, only so much more successfully and much quicker than the green monster was. 1,387 more words


When God was a Rabbit. Great title.

Phil: If you want shelf appeal, your book needs a great title. “When God was a Rabbit” by Sarah Winman certainly has that. Who can look at it in the bookshop and not be intrigued? 568 more words


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The Artistic Void: What Have You Been Doing?

Yep… It happened. It has been two weeks since I have last written anything. Sigh… I fell into the void once again. Yes, I have been busy, but not to busy to write a page of content one morning. 117 more words


Season 2 Episode 3: S'mores Code

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The crew work to rescue a potential ally before he can be turned into someone’s bargaining chip

Special thanks to… 90 more words