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Nearly ready for Books Showoff tonight!

Phil: Last Friday was the final meeting ahead of our appearance tonight at Books Showoff tonight.

Sitting down in an artisan bakery, Candice started to tell me about potty training, so I quickly changed the subject to the slides prepared for the evening entertainment. 185 more words


The Night of Sunflower Fields Forever

Have you ever noticed how many people provide you with very useful information when you no longer need it?

“Punch in the stomach, Clare, never the face, especially the jaw.” 666 more words


Lacuna Project Proposal

Concept: We plan to bring social interaction back to society through group activity based advertising and making technology mobile using augmented reality. Right now people have limited social interaction in a world where shopping and most other activities can be done easier from the solitude of your home. 298 more words

Interactive Space Adventure

I just discovered this brilliantly creative choose your own adventure story – such a hidden gem!

I spent over an hour playing it, it’s amazing!

(sorry, couldn’t resist..)

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Phil: My trip to Brum last week involved a good workout. A backpack full of books for the yomp across the city centre certainly added something! 306 more words


Season 2 Episode 12 - They'll Be In Their Bunks

Whether they like it or not
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