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Need some musical inspiration? Watch some TV

Sometimes, we (musicians) get tired. Sometimes we have doubts about ourselves and we kind of just lose motivation. Its that mode of complacency that we assume. 182 more words


Apple's marketing chief reveals you've been saying its product names all wrong

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

You’ve been saying the name of just about every single Apple product all wrong.

That’s according to Phil Schiller, Apple’s global head of marketing — someone who should know. 301 more words


story of an old pot

Once upon a time, there lived an old man. Who build his house near to woods where he gets his food, provided by mother nature. This old man everyday carries his two pots to the river to fetch the water. 445 more words

Piece of a piece (1/07/1997)

(Date written: 1/7/1997.

I have the names “James” and “Chris – Sept. 13” as possible title notes (?) at the top of the originally typed copy that I revised for this blog. 384 more words

State Of Disarray

Why would anyone want to be in a band? Are you insane?

Why would anyone want to be a musician? Are you insane?

The competition is extremely thick, the investment period is long and strenuous, it is expensive to enter into the space, crappy gear isn’t cheap, decent gear is even worse, it is nearly impossible to keep a drummer, coordinating practice with your band is an ordeal, and finding motivation at 9pm at night after an entire day of work and classes is not an easy thing to do… Oh yeah, you HAVE to work full time in order to be a musician. 912 more words


Tome of Metal: Beginner & Intermediate

Here are two guitar guides I wrote to help those who want to learn a bit more about guitar. I am a huge advocate of adopting music into our lives. 159 more words


Phil and Willie Robertson Should Stick to Killing Ducks

Ask yourself, what qualified a duck hunter to choose a political candidate?  Phil Robertson endorsed Ted Cruz.  Perhaps it was they way Ted cooks his breakfast that impressed the skraggly old man? 294 more words